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Wuhan में China ने Lockdown कर Coronavirus के Case कम किये, India की तैयारी क्या | Duniyadari EP13
•Mar 20, 2020


The Lallantop

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In today's Duniyadari, Siddhant Mohan of the Lallantop brings you how China controlled the outbreak of Coronavirus in Wuhan and other parts by using drones and lockdown. Also, how Benjamin netanyahu is facing protests in Israel, US China war over who spread Coroona first, and many more. Tune into this video. Research by Suresh.

Trek to Gudru Garh | Chamba Himachal Pradesh |

•Mar 18, 2020


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Gudru Garh is mountain top of 2300 meters altitude near the border between Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh and Kathua district of Jammu and Kashmir. There is a temple of Chamunda Devi on this top.
Gudru Garh offers a 360 degree view of nearby places from neighboring states of Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir. On the south west side one can view Basoli Bridge a.k.a. Atal Setu and whole Ranjit Sagar Dam from Gudru Garh. And on west side there are mountains of Bani tehsil of Kathua district of J&K and on the north side there is Garh Mata temple.
Locals also call Garh Mata Temple as Bada Garh and Chhota Garh to Gudru Garh Temple. Some jatar mela also held here in summers and people from Chamba and J&K come here to participate in that mela.
On the south side Dalhousie is also visible from here and whole Dhauladhar mountain range can be seen towards the Chamba valley in the east side. And from east to north whole Pir Panjal mountain range is clearly visible.
Gudru Garh is a year round and easy trek. The only thing to worry about on this trail are bears wandering in jungles of Rhododendron. Apart from this it is an extremely beautiful trek.
I hope you guys will love this location. If you have any queries regarding this trek feel free to ask in comments.
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