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Herbs And Uttarakhand | Village Tour | Negi & Family
•Premiered Jun 23, 2020


Negi & Family

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Hey friends, We all know that nature has a lot of herbs in its lap. We are so blissful that we are living in Uttarakhand. In this video, you will see जड़ी बूटी are everywhere in our village especially around abandoned houses. In these days people living in cities and seldomly coming in Uttrakhand. Old houses in Uttarakhand are now getting entangled with nature.
Dal Bhat || Uttarakhand Food Story || दाल-भात || Negi & Family
•Aug 21, 2020


Negi & Family

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Dal Bhat is one of the popular food in Uttarakhand and all over India. I love Dal Bhat especially home-cooked.
Aside from the usual travel, politics, pointy things, history, and 'other stuff' fare, I've been enjoying Aquaholic's channel. Because I love torturing myself by looking at expensive power yachts I will never be able to afford in several lifetimes.

I also like Military Aviation History and Chieftan's Hatch. Great interior overviews of all the cool flying and rolling stuff from WW2.

For 'turn your brain off' stuff, well... everything listed here between this list and the others here pretty much IS all my brain/off stuff...

I've also been enjoying watching the Critical Role D&D campaigns. The cast is hilarious, and it's great for brain/off use or for playing in the background and sort of half-watching when exercising or cleaning guns or some other boring task that only requires 50% of your attention.

I also use some other video streaming sites
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Top 5 Best World Famous Ringtones 2020 | Ft. Mirzapur 2, Scam 1992, Boys 2 | Originals | Download
•Oct 22, 2020


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Top 5 Best World Famous Ringtones 2020 | Ft. Mirzapur 2, Scam 1992, Boys 2 | Originals | Download