Thoroughly confused linea TJet or Ciaz


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@smohorikar bhai than pick ciaz or city honda and maruti are always better in aftersale service. Vw does have a poor record but all great cars same fiat wala problem.
Linea is an exceptionally good car. However, FIAT's backup and continuity of the product (Linea has been around for too long) are questionable. Moreover, FIAT is yet to find a strong foothold in India. Availability of spares is still a big concern. Would you wish to face the same situation as others did during the early 2000's when they brought Palio / Sienna and the Company wrapped up overnight.

In my opinion, the Honda City just ticks all the boxes. One cannot just go wrong with it.
Well I am pretty late for this but I have a weird looking suggestion - go and test drive old ford fiesta once. It was best and cheapest sedan that i ever drove in diesel and I was about to buy it, however since I took 7 days to finalize the dealer went back on discount, so have to cancel it. Since I didn't like any other sedan waited for almost two years to save money to buy my car. I know lot of people will actually get shocked when I say this but in terms of drive quality, engine and quality of other stuff the car is simply too good and now ford has reduced price also. Yes it's a no frill type car so no fancy features, but if you want real value for money with some quality, do consider it. Service is ok. One of my friend still drives his ford Ikon and both of us love its drive. Take a test drive just for fun. And yes if you maintain it well, it can easily do 7-8 years of service.
Actually you are very much correct. The old Ford Fiesta (now rechristiened as "Ford Classic") is an excellent car with best build, frugal engines, powerful A/C, Gr8 Music System, very reliable and low on maintenence. However Ford appears to have least concern in rejuvenating this gem of a car. The monthly sales figure of this car is not encouraging either. The future of this car appears to be blank.


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@smohorikar , did you finalize on a car.
I am too in the same dilemma as you Heart : Linea , Dimag: Ciaz (for piece of mind).
About Thane Balaji Fiat , I went there , I think they are closing down :( , I know this is more discouragement to buy a FIAT.
Hope you heard about the Linea Elegance edition to be launched soon (with Navigation system and body kit).

Creta is out of budget. Strange that with 8-11 lakh budget you are thinking of Jetta (resale?)


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Avoid Fiat to save yourselves from troubles. Ciaz, City, Etios are all good if you think from mind :)


@Avithe :Balaji Fiat : I thought so as there response on phone was almost zero.

I am thoroughly confused, frustrated and I have given up.

Ciaz is good, but 1.4 is definately small for the car.
I don't want the similar "powerless" feeling like i20.
For Ciaz and after test drive, I think in ghats in traffic Ciaz will show up that it lacks power.

Not ready yet to pay 17+ Lakhs for the top end Creta or S Cross.

Considering variou models, I htink T Jet was nearer to my expectation.
But I am low on patience and then Fiat not a good but.

After hell lot of thinking, I am almost decided to push ahead my car buy by a year + and
1) wait for suitable model from a Maruti/Ford/VolksWagen to be launched.
2) wait for affordability to go up to buy something like Jetta
3) Wait for Fiat to revamp sales and after sales to buy T Jet.

Actually now I find the requirement of SX4 1.6 petrol with high GC and "enhanced interiors" for me......
That was another car with power but was out of budget in 2009-2010
and now out of market :)

CURRENT RESULT : Use 5.5 years old i20 for more time till a suitable car is available. Why to spend money on something which is not grossly improved over what I am currently using.
Sad but true.


Could not resist the itch and went marutinshowroom. Surprisingly no offer on ciaz zxi+. Last month end they had offers worth 51000. Over and above the exshowroom is increased by 6600 Rs. Why? And they say maruti is going to increase prices from sept 2015 as they are launching new diesel. how should it affect zxi+????? Re devalution? Then what's made in India mass manufacturer?

Looks either maruti dealer or company it'self is trying to create false shortage.
May be at such price points Volkswagen. City are then likely to win.
Vento is cool..except for touchscreen. But has strong body n some other feature. And 1.6 petrol highline is currently only 8k more onroad as compared to ciaz zxi+.

May be time to take Vento and city petrol testdrive.
Will ciaz zxi+ go sx4 petrol way ? The diesel may run good; nas a taxi segment? Will wait n watch n then decide.
Fiat.... Pls start good sales n service stations; Linea type car is what many want. But you don't want to sell.
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Viola!!!!! Coming back from Honda city petrol test drive. Superb......what a car. Premium of Rs 1.7 lakhs of city ivtec VX over ciaz zxi+ is suddenly looking worth Now one thing is sure... Unless I get consumer offer and exchange bonus; it will be city. 3k to 4k more EMI but casn use it for 10 years; is it right?


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Interested in buying a used car ? You'll get plenty of used Petrol sedans with less usage. Petrol cars usually doesn't demand much maintenance buying a used one shouldn't be a big issue. Moreover Petrol cars don't have much of resale so it will be cheaper on your pocket too.