Thoroughly confused linea TJet or Ciaz


Hi Prasham,
Thanks. But used car is not my bf all game. I love the smell n usage n touch of new car. It does cost a lot. I just pray the almighty n put my foot forward.


Armchair Traveller :(
Best of luck with that. That's a good decision too :)

I've bought only new cars till date but I've made up my mind to buy a good used one now. Maybe I'll buy an Etios Diesel soon.


An update after 7 years !!!!!!

I purchased Ciaz Zxi+ in Nov 2015. So far it has completed ~71000 Kms. Including almost 1 year of very low running (max 500Kms in that year).

Super happy me and Family both. I wish to keep this car for 7-8 more years and if possible 10more years.
I had booked new car twice in last 2 months, but cancelled as I thought it will be waste of money to buy another car when Ciaz is still and will remain BEAUTIFUL and Cool for years to come. I am the only user in family, having 2 sedans for me doesn't make sense.

Maruti has something which gives peace of mind.
To add, my Ciaz DOESNT MAKE NOISE it's quite well built and ABSOLUTELY ZERO PROBLEM SO FAR. Just a regular yearly service.
Rather last service was done ne after 15000 kms of earlier service.
... Yes it's not as strong as Volkswagen Vento, but very stable at 100 kms /hr. I dont want and don't see a good opportunity to drive above this speed on Indian roads in near future.