Three Rules of Photography - An essay


Three Rules of Photography




As we are discussing the 'Rule of Thirds' in photography, I realized there are actually 'Three rules of Photography' that we as a photographer should try to follow.
According to my understanding, one can be a good photographer, or the best photographer but never a perfect photographer. In my school of thoughts in photography there are four subjects to master to be a perfect photographer. That is to achieve 400 marks.
They are
1. Photographic Vision-100 marks
2. Photo Technique-100 marks
3. Photo Processing-100 marks
4. Combination of above three-100 marks

Photographic Vision
This is the most important subject and impossible to perfect (100%). This is the weak part in my photography and in constant progress of getting better. One can learn the art in schools and Universities but never perfect it. Art is a constant process of learning. Even the best of the artistes if lived longer would have agreed that they could have improved on their master piece. Or produced master piece better than the previous.
Photographic Vision is also an inbuilt quality, one can be better and quicker to learn than the other. Several times I have seen a novice photographer taking better picture than me. I see wonderful pictures on the web and wonder how could they visualize such pictures. I try to study them and emulate them. Every year, every month, every day or even every click I get better with my pictures. But I know I have to learn a lot.





Photo Technique
This is not difficult to learn if one has an inclination to. The internet is full of websites and videos that provide all kinds of solid information about the technical aspects we need to understand in order to take good pictures. Just reading the technical section on this forum can increase knowledge. However, photo science is evolving and improving every year. Therefore, this makes a constant process of updating our technical skills. You lag behind a couple of years and then realize that photo equipment has changed completely. And there is always some technical area we don't know.




Photo Processing
The same goes with Photo Processing. There are plenty of resources to learn. However, photo processing software are improving every month and we need to keep updated with them. Every time there is a new software in the market which could improve your pictures. I have successfully improved many of my older pictures processed with new version of the same software partly due to improved software and partly to my improved skills of editing.




So you see, one is in constant upgrade process to improve processing skills, learning new photo techniques and most important, constantly improving photographic vision to take better pictures.


Thank you,

First of all i would like to thank you for taking out time for this wonderful write up.
You have put into words what exactly photography is about. Its right a mixture of art and technology. One can learn technology but artistic touch has to be cultivated. It is a journey to perfection.
Very well put Henry.
Technical aspects and processing should be second nature to a photog.
For me 'vision' is paramount.
A lot of people make technically sound images which don't 'talk'.
Vision and 'The art of seeing' are what add punch to images.
That is what one must strive for.
As a good friend of mine, a very accomplished photographer, says, "You have to see with two eyes, a brain and a heart."


never ever give up
As expected,very clear clean precise and eye opening writeup.thank you for this article henry.
Eagerly awaiting ur writeup,guide for Lightroom for beginners ( you had promised me U'll post that soon)!


As expected,very clear clean precise and eye opening writeup.thank you for this article henry.
Eagerly awaiting ur writeup,guide for Lightroom for beginners ( you had promised me U'll post that soon)!
Oh, I forgot about the links. Writing the work flow in Lightroom is too big and time consuming. You can learn all about lightroom from the links which are from the experts from the industry. In fact I learn from them.
After that we can discuss every step slowly one by one in a dedicated thread with our own pictures.
I'm not sure if there is enough interest for Lightroom on this forum. At least one needs to have the software on his computer.


Nature Lover
Very useful and lucid article on improving the quality of photography. As Henry said, no one can be perfect, but it is worth trying toimprove.