Thunderbird 350cc, 2012 version


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What about the straps of the saddle bags ? Do they rest over the pillion seat and pillion has to seat on it for thunderbird 350 ? or do they goes under the seat ? If it goes under the seat of thenderbird then I am surely going to buy it. Please let me know @Parashar Joshi.
That can go under the seat as well.

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Nothing lights, no console or even horn or starter button. 3 year old battery.
Yup its battery bro.. you need a new battery, go for dry cell battery and make sure all the wiring is properly insulated,if any one of it is short or leaking ground it will drain your battery fast.


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The bike...just went power? It was working fine two days back. The fuses are ok.
Could it be battery problem?
If pressing self is only giving tak tak then yes the battery is dead. Try a jump start. Or a running start.

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check battery connections first, if there is any rust on it, or broken clamp, otherwise it's battery.



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Guys any idea which dry cell battery to go for? The guy at the shop selling exide said dry cell is not suitable/available.

Any suggestions?