Tiago XZA+ experience at 6 months : Simply Superb Small Hatchback


I had very good experience with Tata Garve Motors at Tathavade, barring the delivery experience.
It's documented here. Overall Tata experience @ buying was quite good.

I take my words back BUT with a CAVEAT. No more true : I will never buy again a Tata car neither my next gen will : Pathetic Delivery experience

Now comes the experience at 6 months.
V GOOD n GOOD About Tiago XZA+

1) Simple car and in today's date, may be the "MOST STURDY" small hatchback. A perfect City car. However, "VERY GOOD HIGHWAY RUNNER" as well.

2) Comfortable City Drive : But with AMT characteristics
I drive it across Pune for 3 weeks in month, daily from Ravet side to Hadapsar. Those who know about Pune, can understand the traffic pain.
At times in the evening this is 2 hours drive. However, Tiago AMT serves it's purpose very well. Yes, you can not leap forward quickly as you would in a Polo automatic. But it is very good for "calm" city driving. AMT "zingo bird" effect (jerks giving you forward - backward movement during gear changes) is pronounced during gear 1-2 transitions.
However CAR ALWAYS FEELS SOLID AND WELL PLANTED. I doubt if there is any other small hatchback in India which can give you such a secured feeling in traffic where cars, busses stand brushing each other by shoulders.

3) Excellent Highway drive :
I have driven this car 4-5 times on Mumbai-PUNE EXPRESSWAY all the way from Pune to Thane and back + once to Nashik and back
Driving in 4th and 5th Gear is peaceful. Once the car is out from 1-2 great, it touches 80-100 KMPH without you feeling that speed and jerks. Considering this, it's actually better for Highway drive than a city drive.
There is surely no other small hatchback which can give you feeling of being as safe as and as solid as Tiago in Indian car market today.

Not So Good

1) AMT : can't Tata's charge 30-40 thousand more and give a TC or a DCT? This car with TC / DCT can gobble up small car market. People who have used Altos, Wagon Rs, Zens, Santro's in the past and now to moved to bigger cars, but still want a City car, Tiago is the best bet and if Tata's plonk it with TC / DCT, at reasonable price, it will become King Of Small cars.

2) Tata's Service : My experience for 1st and 2nd service was Good. However, Tata's and their dealership really need to work on to make customer experience better.After second service (which also included some paintwork due to minor accident), handing of car process was below par. Car was in washing and I was told, wait and someone will get the car and handover to you. No one bothered to show the work done, finishing etc. I myself told one of the advisors there, "lets go and see". Experience at Maruti and Hyundai in last 20+ years, for similar scenarios, has been lot more comfortable.

3) Missing TPMS and Cruise control : again, today people are ready to pay for some good and essential features even in small car. Being Indian company, can't Tata offer it at a reasonable additional price?

4) Gear shift from 1 to 2 : In my opinion 1st gear is hold for looo long. At 20 kmph it changes to 2nd and by that time engine noise has become quite loud.
Ine below table, the speeds are on flat / table land of Pune

Tiago gear shiftAMT does it @ speedNormal manual I do it
1 to 220 kmph10
2 to 34020
3 to 45030
4 TO 56040

I think due to this fuel efficiency of Tiago is also getting compromised.

5) Useless manual mode : I personally find it difficult to drive in manual mode and have stopped trying to use it. But when I used it, I could actually manage to get better mileage at least on MID. But pain of managing gear shifts in manual mode is more than gain.

6) Missing keyless entry, push button start and remote dickey open : common Tata, at least in TOP end these features should be there. It's pain to take out key and use it the old way.

Will I go and check Tata car for my next buy ???? : DEFINATELY YES. PREFERABLY AT SAME DEALER GARVE MOTORS TATHAVADE AND PREFERABLY WITH SAME SALES REPRESENTATIVE Ms Pragati. But with a hope that they have improved further.
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Mediocre me
Very well written.

I have 3 AMT cars from TATA. ALL 2015 models.

That was the 1st year of AMT being mainstream. Not all was good but they are still serving well. Tiago AMT is a good package for this price. Happy miles to you.