Time to get absolved from sin - Trip to Ajmer Sharif and Pushkar


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It was a hurricane trip. In three and half days, we drove around 2150 km. We drove more and saw less. Even the driving details have not been recorded properly. We noted neither distances nor timings. So, it is going to be an inadequate and sub-standard travelogue, void of content and information. Still I could not resist myself from sharing my experience of recent road trip to Ajmer Sharif and Pushkar from Mumbai with fellow BCMTians.

It was not a family trip. I did the trip with my engineering batch mate and very good friend Kallol.

The idea of doing an only boys’ trip was making round in our engineering batch mate circle for quite some time. It got further boost when Kallol bought Isuzu Dmax 4x4 6-7 months back. Kallol was very keen to go for a long drive with us in his new vehicle. I was always on for the same. But schedules of other friends were not working out. So, the trip was getting postponed.

Finally, in mid-March, Kallol and I decided not to wait further for others and go ahead on our owns. If we continue to wait for others, the plan will remain as a plan forever.

Given commitments at professional fronts, it has to be a short trip only - a trip of 3-4 days. So, we were looking for a long weekend. Since 19th April was Good Friday, 19th April-21st worked out to be a perfect window.

Kallol is based at Pune. But for last 3-4 months, on account of professional requirement, he stays at Kanjurmarg, Mumbai. I stay at Goregaon. That made making the itinerary easier.
  • 18th April (Thursday) – Start from Goregaon by 4 pm and night stay at Surat/Bharuch/Vadodara
  • 19th April (Friday) – Start from Surat/Bharuch/Vadodara and night stay at Ajmer/Pushkar
  • 20th April (Saturday) – At Ajmer/Pushkar
  • 21st April (Sunday) – Start from Ajmer/Pushkar and night stay at Bharuch/Surat/Vapi
  • 22nd April (Monday) – To reach Mumbai by noon
In the second week of April, the work pressure increased at my end and I became bit apprehensive that I might be required to sacrifice either Thursday (18th April) or Monday (22nd April) for the same. But finally, all got cleared. We were set to proceed as per our original plan.