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When I look back at the photographs I have, I do try to remember the Camera I used then.
Though not of much use to other members, it is just a journey to the past.

Some of the Cameras I have had. The pictures are all downloaded from Internet as the Cameras are not equipped to take their own "Selfie"

1966 - Agfa Click III

Dad got us this for occasional clicks

images 1.jpeg

1982 - Yashica Electro 35

Working in Iraq, returned via Kuwait and picked up at the Border

images 2.jpeg

1983 - Minolta 430E

Returned to Iraq, and picked up at Baghdad Duty Free

images 3.jpeg

1983 - Canon AE 1 Program

Good Cameras were not available in Iraq
Got this through a friend from Germany

images 4.jpeg


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Continued from above

1993 - Canon A 1

Bought this from an airline Pilot while working in Bahrain
Full kit including 50mm Fixed and 100-300mm Zoom with Motor drive, 2x Tele Converter and many other accessories

images 5.jpeg

1997 - Nikon FE

Had just moved to Dubai and Family visit was near. So the pick of the time.

images 6.jpeg

1999 - Nikon F601

Little upgrade from Nikon FE. Need for an Auto-Focus Camera with 100-300mm Zoom

images 7.jpeg

Photoshop killed the passion for Photography

2010 - Nikon D 5000

Returned from Dubai and picked up this prior to departure.
Sticking with this with no plan for any further change

images 8.jpeg

End of Small story through Five Decades



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Need some time

B/W photos with Agfa were lost having been left behind and feasted by Termite as I had moved to Dubai.
Others .... I will share a little later.
Nice timeline of your camera journey. I'll also try to post mine when time permits.
Mine is similar to yours, however my purchase of cameras still goes on.
I hope you are Younger than him !
(Pun intended)

But will like to see your collection !

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One reason I used Google Pics is that these Cameras are no longer with me except the last one Nikon D5000 that I use now.

The second reason is my habit of safe keeping the gadgets.

Did I forget to add another Camera I had ....or rather ... still have ??

A relative had brought from UK and left it as he no longer wanted it

Google Pics


From my Vault
In fact I had used this very camera in 1976 borrowed at that time
(Surely it had seen better days)

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Mr Desert Hunter,
Here is my journey in photography. You'll notice mine is very similar to yours.

Like you, I was introduced to photography by my day when I was 7 years old. He used the Agfa Click to take family pictures although he had no understanding of photography. He encouraged me to take pictures so that I can develop interest in photography.
My father expired when I turned 12 years and that's how I inherited his Agfa and Yashica Electro 35 which he bought just before he died.

Agfa Click.jpg

Yashica Electro 35.jpg