To Gangotri and Beyond.....


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The Inception......

Scene 1

Location: My Place, Date: 26th June, 2010.

Roxxi: Myy dear Chipmunk you have no idea what you missed!(For the uninitiated, she is referring to her Leh saga!) You should have been there with us (Leh) It was so much fun. We did a lot of trekking too! Oh My God! It was just amazing!!

SwAti: :(:(

Avinash: Haan SwAti, tumko chal lena chahiye thha, humne kaafi maze kiye, mausam bhi theek thhha, Syok Kangri trek mein toh Maze hi aa gaye...

SwAti: :mad::mad: What could have I possibly done? My leaves were canceled.

Roxxi: It's OK honey, next time we will go together for sure:) but you missed the adventure on this one.

SwAti: :mad::mad:I have to go on a trip soon!! A trek.. anywhere... I am done sulking!!!

Avinash: Koi ni Swati, kisi aur trek pe chal lena," Kedar Taal ya Chandrataal chal sakte hain"

SwAti: Kedar Taal?? maine kabhi nahi suna ye...

Avinash: Par ruko, Kedar Taal tumhare liye mushkil ho jayega, Chandrataal hi chalte hain!

Roxxi: It is amazing Swati, you must go with Avinash, he is a great trekker. You will have so much fun! He is hilarious!

SwAti: koi tough shuff nahi hai! I have done treks before, how difficult can this trek be?

Avinash: Dekho I have done this trek before, people take 5 days to complete it, if you want to go with me, you will have to do it in 2 days.


Avinash: main pehle hi keh raha hoon this is not a ", Jodha Akbar" trek you normally do.

SwAti: What in the God's name is "Jodha Akbar" trek?

Avinash: That is the one where you hire porters to carry your backpacks, cooks, to fix meals for you.

SwAti: Are you indirectly telling me I will have to carry my backpack my self?:shock:

Avinash: Haan isiliye keh raha hoon Chandrataal chalte hain .. easy bhi rahega tumhare liye aur trek bhi ho jayega.

SwAti: to herself (ye samajhta kya hai apne aap ko, mujhe kya samjha hai isne? main kya powerpuff girls se kam hoon? NONSENSE!) Nahi ab toh Kedar Taal hi jana hai aur main utha loongi apna backpack!!:mad:

Roxxi: Yeah Swati, Go girl!!

Avinash: Theek hai fir next week ka pakka karein?

SwAti : Done!!
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Scene 2

Location: Avinash's living room, Ghaziabad. Friday, July 2, 2010. Time: 9 PM

(In the room with us : Eric, Manik, I and Avinash's mom)

Avinash( stuffing his backpack with maggi, MTR and munchies): Haan toh Swati ji all set?

SwAti: Yup, I am tired but excited. (I generally do a night shift, so I had to do 2 back to back shifts to be able to get free on Friday evening, 21:30-6:30 on Thursday and 7:00-15:00 on Friday)

Avinash: You still have time SwAti, we will get a bus for Manali easily, and we can head for Chandrataal. Kedar Taal is not an easy trek, It is very steep.

SwAti: Avinash chill! aur kahin jana hi nahi ab mujhe!!!

Avinash: Chalo theek hai fir, mujhe mat bolna baad mein!

Eric: Koi ni ab decide kar hi liya hai toh chak de phatte kar ke aana! Good luck!!

At the bus stop!

Time: 10 PM.

Eric, Sunil, Manik are there to see us off!!

Abey koi bus jayegi bhi aaj Rishikesh?:mad::mad:

Avinash: Swati tumne der kar di isiliye nahi mil rahi ab bus, aisa karte hain Kedar Taal cancel karte hain aur Chandrataal chalte hain

SwAti: :mad: Avinash mujhe aur kahin nahi jana, mil jayegi bus thodi der mein ... ( apne aap toh packing ki nahi thhi , mujhe keh raha hai der kar di $%@#$%@):grin:

Avinash: Dekho ye UP Roadways wali bus mein chalna hai toh chalo, ab High Tech ya AC nahi milegi...

SwAti : :(

Then Sunil and Avinash decide to go to the other side of the road to find a Taxi.

Providential Intervention....

Two seats for a Xylo with AC of course :grin: heading for Rishikesh (our immediate destination). The Tax fare: 200 per person! Hurray!!

SwAti: Isme baithe sab log khatarnaak lag rahe hain mujhe. (For they were 4 khatarnak looking men) May be it is not a great idea to go in a Taxi. We should take a bus! Local hi sahi)

Avinash: SwAti koi baat nahi hai, jyada hi tension hai toh main saare raaste utha rahunga.

SwAti: OK then!

Finally I felt like we are getting started!! Excited, we boarded the cab with Good Luck and wishes from Eric, Sunil and Manik!!

PS: 10 minutes in the cab (which was freezing cold, thanks to the powerful AC) and Avinash was snoring):eek::eek: and I had no choice but to stay awake till we reached Rishikesh!:mad:)

Thankfully, it turned out to be a smooth ride and we reached Rishikesh safely!!:)


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Good start !! This is long awaited.

Avinash Sidhu se takkar, hmmm !! Dekhte hain aage kyaa hota hai :p


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We reached Rishikesh at 3 AM but had a hard time finding a taxi for Uttarkashi. The one that we did find was to leave very late in the morning, but we were in no mood to waste any time.

We walked some distance to another taxi stand, and luckily found a Taxi and left for Uttarkashi at 4:30. It was raining for most of our journey( wait for the rest of the travelogue to understand what I really mean by "most") which made it really pleasant!! I didn't click any pics en route as I dozed off, for I hadn't slept in 30-35 hours!!

We reached Uttarkashi at about 10:30 to a lovely weather and a bustling crowd in the main market! We had a our breakfast there and as we were moving towards the Taxi stand we were stopped by a couple of policemen near the checkpost! I whispered to Avinash...", Ye hamare backpack dekh ke humko terrorist samajh rahe hain :eek::eek:" He said" koi ni dekh lete hain"

We were asked to move into that shed of a check post and to our surprise one of the cops started video graphing us :shock: I was confused :confused:

I blurted, " Humne toh kuch kiya bhi nahi .. bag check karlo!! They just smiled!

Then the interrogation.... Aap log kahan se aaye hain? Kahan ja rahe hain? Delhi se aaye hain??

I said ," main toh pahadi hoon sir, garhwali hoon ... :grin: Pauri ki...

Cop: achhi baat hai, aap logon ko ghabrane ki avashyakta nahi hai ... hum bas logon ko batana chahte hain ki aap aur sabhi paryatak yahan surakshit hain aur hum sab aapki seva mein tatpar hain!!

I finally breathed!!:D We thanked them and were given the directions to reach the taxi stand.

We left Uttarkashi at 11:30 AM for Gangotri......:)


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