To Gangotri and Beyond.....

surender deswal

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Aahh Mogambo khusss huaaaaa.Really it was interesting to see such a lovely trek.I can understand the bliss of snow while trekking.Three cheers.:)

where eagles dare

amazing narration accompanied with beautiful pics Swati :) loved the way you described the incidents...
at high altitudes the weather changes very frequently and spoils everything in no time... i have abondoned at least 10 treks due to bad weather and the latest been the Kedartaal in June :D
no worries Swati, next time is always there...
When mountains dictate, we better listen and retreat with respect; for, they gonna call us back again. I’m waiting for the call!
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I wish you have had that one extra day-----as per experience of hilly terrains...i suggest you should have waited till noon to decide you future romance with the thalayasagar.....

hey by the way...avinash told you the best thing to do while crossing boulder zone.with loose sand....the same i suggested when you were on trip to lakha caves and beyond.....ground your ankle while on slant....


Very beautiful... very natural .... the pictures, the narration... the log in toto. Thanks to the highly skilled author and avinash... A very refreshing diversion from the logs that race on wheels.


Ah what a wondeful treat !
if u ever plan a trip to kolkata,
we shall pamper u with 'rosogollas' as much as u can consume.:D


More Journeys To Come
loved your way of writing.. pics..............:):):)
i know how it feels when you have to abandon your journey midway....

I will come again & conquer you because as a mountain you can't grow, but as a human, I can." Sir Edmund Hillary


Incredible Bulk
Simply amazing.

A very unique log ... the narration made us feel as if we were also a part of this trek. I guess this will inspire more people to go on treks. And the pictures are beautiful.
Wish you had more pics.

And as Sanjoy said - we will treat you with rasgullas in the next meet :grin: (why wait till you go to kolkata)

@Avinash: Waiting for pics from your end. I know you must also have a few gems.