To Gangotri and Beyond.....


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Thanks to all,
I am sharing few pics from my camera with swati on Kedarkarak, just before the kedartaal. Unfortunately we didn't complete the trek due to unpredectable bed weather.

Swati is a brave girl; i know that was the fast difficult trek for swati with bag pack :grin: (not a jodha akbar trek) :grin:. When the weather got disturb at kedarkarak she didn't gave up & she was waiting to get weather fine, but god had decided same thing else.
Nice pics Avinash. Swati is a good trekker. and with her around you do not have to carry an ipod on the trek either. You won't be able to listen to it anyways over her. :grin:

Planning to do this again, in favorable conditions?


@avinash - which peak is this(the last pic)? felt like bowing down. frankly awesome peak. wonderful pictures from wonderlust people.

Amit Dhull

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It is closing time of the day and month.. but hooked to the thread.. amazing narration and excellent pics from both of you..


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Swati and Avinash, This is really is an astounding trekk =D>=D>.
Pics are gr8 and narration by Swati is truly addictive :grin::grin:.