To Gangotri and Beyond.....


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We had late lunch in Gangotri and we decided to start the trek the same day... :) The hills were too enticing for us to wait for the next day... We started for Bhojkhadak at 5 PM....


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The trek till Bhojkhadak was tiring... In fact I found my self struggling to walk...

Avinash put up with my snail walk for some time but he was beginning to lose it as it was getting darker....



More Journeys To Come
Simple yet interesting:).................
What about the trekking gear??
Permits...i suppose 1 needs permit from local authorities.....


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Gosh, this is like David vs Goliath!! :shock:

Of course, we all know Goliath made concessions and took his chances with this incredible Bakar Queen turned Challenger!! :twisted:

Don't take it too seriously, O Your Queenship! I say it in jest. Though I am mighty impressed with your verve! :cool:

And nothing needs to be said for our man Bond!! :)