To Gangotri and Beyond.....


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Finally you did it Swati:), Congrats to you:), I enjoy all this now where is main Story.:)
Thank you :) baaki ki story Aaa rahi hai maalik ... aa rahi hai!

HI swati nice pics i am waiting for some more pics...:)
Shall upload soon :) Thank you!

Good start !! This is long awaited.

Avinash Sidhu se takkar, hmmm !! Dekhte hain aage kyaa hota hai :p
:grin: You have no idea hamari kitni ladai hui :D

Extraordinary photos.Can't wait anymore to see more photos.
Thank you! I know these aren't great captures, thank you for the nice words :)
the sight of Shivling makes me crazy...nice pics to start the Tlog... :) waiting for loads of more :D
Avinash didn't let me click too many ... wapsi me lena Swati... :mad:

Good going, :), why don't you sleep 30-35 hours:confused:

CLASSIC = first picture
That is my favorite! That's why it's the first one! Thank you:)

Great Swati! you start very well
keep it up & carry on......................:supz:
O teri... Avinash... tussi aitthe??

Corrected :)

The pics are nice, but one can't shoot in India w/o the electricity poles and wires, so much of them and so less of electricity.
Hmm Sigh!

Simple yet interesting:).................
What about the trekking gear??
Permits...i suppose 1 needs permit from local authorities.....
Gear? What gear... Just the backpack and two tents!!:grin:

Gosh, this is like David vs Goliath!! :shock:

Of course, we all know Goliath made concessions and took his chances with this incredible Bakar Queen turned Challenger!! :twisted:

Don't take it too seriously, O Your Queenship! I say it in jest. Though I am mighty impressed with your verve! :cool:

And nothing needs to be said for our man Bond!! :)
Thank you Sir! And Goliath had no mercy on me whatsoever. His favorite quote being " Hadh ho gayi Swati... aise toh kabhi nahi pohonch payenge hum"

And that I didn't kill him was a favor to my self :) For where else will I find a I guy as crazy as I am!! He is my trek buddy!!:grin::grin:

Avinash Sir is just so dilligent, amazing nature's boy.
Swati ji, you too seem to be at unrest.

where eagles dare

wah trek pics started coming, now am hooked to this thread... good going swati.. :) starting your trek @5 pm, wondering you reached bhojkharak or did you camp before??


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It was getting darker and the paths got narrower, I was very very tired, as I hadn't had good sleep and was fatigued! According to our plan we were to camp at Bhojkhadak, but looking at my speed we both thought it would be rather difficult. Nevertheless we kept moving ahead!!

I was trying my best but couldn't keep pace with Avinash, and I kept giving explanations that I haven't slept in two days But he wouldn't listen... and would shut me up by saying " Mera bag tum se jyada bhari hai"!!!:D

When it became impossible for me to walk any further, I stopped. The argument had just begun that we heard some noise, that of stones falling from a height:shock: I froze... That's when Avinash said...". Mujhe 2 aankhein dikh rahi hain chamakti hui, koi jaanwar hai shayad. Tum khud bhi marogi mujhe bhi marwaogi. Kam se kam ab toh jaldi chalo" :( Hearing that, I got strength from nowhere and we started moving faster. To my misery, I was told that we hadn't even covered half the distance...:eek:

Anyway...after trekking/walking for what seemed to be an eternity...I heard Avinash that we were about to reach! We crossed a stream before ensuring water supply for the next day and proceeded. It had begun to drizzle and we were not liking it!

How did we cross the spider wall in the drizzle and dark, I will never know! All I remember is that we did cross a stretch facing a rocky hill :grin: and it did not seem scary at all... It was pitch dark you see and the only source of light was Avinash's headlamp!!

He called out to check if there was any other group around and was surprised at the fact that there was no one else camping there that night.

We found the camping spot and started pitching our tents! Fortunately there was a tin shed, which was apparently set up by forest authorities for campers like us!

We were really tired, so we lost no time.... had a quick cup of coffee, had Noodles and went into a deep slumber!! But that wasn't before we decided to wake up at 6 and head towards Kedar khadak!

We had reached Bhojkhadak at 9 and we were asleep by 11 PM!!!


The first picture that you have posted is breath taking, is awesome and is so much more than i cam express in words.