To Gangotri and Beyond.....


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Great pictures and narration. Congrats on your sheer grit and determination to accompany 'Avinash Bond Sidhu' to Kedartaal... a quite difficult trek, and successfully completing it.
We are lucky to have two simultaneous threads runing featuring Kedartaal trek (the other by Viju Thomas).


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Here are some more pics in and around Bhojkhadak!

Ab batati hoon Avinash!! Main rahungiab aage!!

Vistas along the way...








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Great Going Swati !!

You didn't click macro pics of the purple flowers that I see in first shot on this page !!


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Thank You Everyone... Here's the rest of the log...:)

We woke up at around 7 and after a hot cuppa were all set to march towards Kedarkhadak..... The plan was to reach Kedarkhadak by 12-1PM and head to Kedartaal and camp there to capture reflection pics in the morning sun!!

Such was the excitement, that we could hardly eat, breakfast was totally out of picture. We just munched on some namkeen because we knew eating nothing could spell havoc for us :grin:

We left Bhojkhadak at 8:30 AM. It was a beautiful sunny and windy morning and I had no problems walking as I slept very well last night. In fact, I was ahead of Avinash for most of the remaining stretch :D...Everything around was really really beautiful, what with the lovely sounds of gushing waters of Kedar Ganga and colorful birds tweeting and making for a musical trek :)...

We were still walking getting one with nature when Avinash who was walking just few steps ahead of me, suddenly stopped. I was about to say what is wrong but he asked me to stay quite. It took me a few seconds to understand that he probably saw some wild animal. May be a tiger and asking me to stay quite:shock::shock:.... Bhains ki aankh!!! I love you mom and dad! I am sorry God, I am sorry for everything wrong that I ever did, but I don't want to be a tiger's lunch![-o<[-o<[-o<[-o<

But then, I used my pea brain a little and thought...Had it been a tiger, would Avinash stay this calm??? :grin:. I was now getting impatient, the path was narrow and I coulnd't have gone ahead without pushing Avinash down the hill :D so I nudged him to ask what that was. He turned and said camera do jaldi, that's when I saw "winnie the pooh bear":) Yes!!! A lovely little white bear, with his back towards us. He heard us and turned its face towards us, holding few strands of grass. That was the cutest thing I ever saw!! But unfortunately before I could reach for my camera, it was gone :(:( he disappeared into the rocky hill!

We were disappointed to have not clicked any pics of the bear! And now the war of words started to determine who's fault that actually was:twisted:

Since I am writing the travelogue, It was Ainash's fault. Period!

We had no choice but to move ahead, we were also conscious of the fact that if there was a baby bear, the Papa and Mumma bear wouldn't be very far from there. And if there were also bro bear and sis bear then it would be difficult save our lives with just fist fighting:eek::eek:. So we "unanimously"decided to trudge ahead with as less noise as possible!!!