To Gangotri and Beyond.....


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Hmmm... That was all the easy part... we trekked, lost in the nature unaware of what lay ahead...

We stopped near a little stream to freshen up to fill up our water bottles! Avinash, who had already done this trek once before advised that we add glucose to the water now, as the path is going to get steeper now and would require more energy...Ha! my bag pack got heavier by 4 kilos!!




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We sat for a while and discussed....and then I heard the golden words........Avinash said ,' Waise ab mujhe lagta hai tum trek kar sakti ho!! Infact, kaafi achha trek kar leti ho"

I said to myself." Ab aaya oonth pahad ke neche " :grin::grin::grin:

Fir hum nikal pade aage ki ore.....the weather kept changing dramaically and the terrain was easy to walk on ......hum kuch door aise hi chalte rahe ......

magar ye kya:eek::eek: Oye AVinash ...raasta kidhar hai yaar????

I was totally surprised to see this landslide of a raasta....I hadn't crossed such a terrain ever!! Par koi na dekhi jayegi... aur nikal pade.. Avinash decided to move ahead first...... "Aisa karta hoon main aage chalta hooon" waise sochne ki baat ye hai ki trail kahan gayab ho gayi... lagta hai kaafi dino se koi aaya nahi yahan"


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]When I actually started walking on that loose mud, I realized how tough that was! The path gave way with every single step....It was very difficult to walk straight... we slipped several times. To add to our problems, every time a big rock got displaced, it led to a mini landslide....But it got graver after sometime, as we saw rocks falling on us!! What scared me most was the fear of falling down into the river.

I hated this part because at times we stood at one place for 10 minutes to figure out, which way to go!! After walking some distance , it seemed impossible to walk uphill. Avinash decided that we will trek down the hill first and then we will trek along the river bank...since it was difficult to walk down... we slid...on rocks and mud. My behind hurt:(:( but I couldn't do much about it and couldn't complain!!!

We were exhausted... I was worried about my camera I handed it over to Avinash.. who after all this had the humor to click these pics and make fun of me. I mean look at my face....

We tried to walk alongside the river, but after a while concluded that it was a very bad idea and if we continue... one of us would be found in Gangotri.. Dead!!

Phewww... it was a mammoth task to go uphill again... we were really tired by now.. halfway up Avinash said" we will never be able to cross the stretch like this..we will have to keep moving forward but in an upwards direction... at first it made no sense to me ... I just nodded and said yes... he covered a meter or two like tat and asked me to cross it in the same manner...but I couldn't move, for one step that I put forward I lost grip and slipped! Avinash yelled", tumko samajh nahi aata kya... main keh raha hoon upar ki taraf bhago.. nahi toh neeche pohonch jaogi fisal ke!! Upar ki taraf bhago aur jahan grip bane wahan ruk jao" I yelled back," bhago bhago bhago!!! agar gir gayi main aur neeche phonch gayi fisal ke toh kya hoga ringmaster!! mere daant toot gaye toh meri shadi kaise hogi... samajh ni aara ka kya matlab hai .. dar lag ra hai mujhe toh main kya karun"

Avi: achha jhansi ki raani aisa karte hain ye cord ke sahare chalte hain .. dono bache rassi ka ek enad pakdo .. pehle kuch door bhag ke main jata hooon ... fir tumaana ...

I : ok

Avi: par updar ki taraf bhagna hai ladki... taaki aage bhi badte rahein aur agar thoda bohot neeche slip bhi ho jayen .. toh agli baar cover ho jaye

I : Oh aise .. pehle samjhana thha a fir! theek hai!!


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The name is "Vibhu"
Indeed very well narrated Swati.........Trekking mein bhi chinta ke looks kaisi hain :)
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Even though it sounds easy... it was tough,very tough... at least by my standards!! It took us good 3 hours to cross that stretch!! There was aways the fear of sliiping and falling in the river... because there was nothing to hold on to!! then there was no cover from the rocks falling from the top of the hill! Infact we are lucky to survive because there weren't just rocks... there were boulders:shock:... Trust me there were moments... when Avinash shouted... Swati bach .. patthar aa raha hai upar se:eek:

Anyway.. we didn't give much though to the fact that we have to cross the same stretch on our return...we were happy that we escaped ... and excited to to see what was next!! Besides, I had leant a new technique!! Upar ki taraf bhago :lol: aur apni aedi (heel) se grip banao!! :lol::lol:

Some more pics...

The weather had now gone from "Sunny" to "overcast"




A thoughtful Avinash after crossing that treacherous stretch!

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We had no choice but to move ahead, we were also conscious of the fact that if there was a baby bear, the Papa and Mumma bear wouldn't be very far from there. And if there were also bro bear and sis bear then it would be difficult save our lives with just fist fighting:eek::eek:. So we "unanimously"decided to trudge ahead with as less noise as possible!!!
:D:lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol: Funniest story since rascalbhai bathroom story! :lol:


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superb travelogue & photologe.....Just awesome!!!
I missed this I have landed corretly

2nd pic was just Awesome
Thank you Abhijit!

You have got art of story telling !! & you are not bakar queen for the name sake :grin:
Lovely pics again !!
Thank you bhaiya! Aap finally maan hi gaye!

Atta girl!!
Way to go!!
Thank you sir!

lovely vistas.. beautiful narration .. keep going..
Thank you :)

Lovely pics, captivating narration !! Way to go :) !!

wonderful pics. I need to take few lessons from you to start my first trekking :)
Koi lesson ki zaroorat nahi hai ... bas trip plan karo aur nikal pado... My recommendation... Go for Khalia top in Munsyari!!

Ladki, bheri descent!!
Thank you Vaibhav!! :)