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Day 2 : Roing to Anini

Distance : 238 KM

Mode : Shared Sumo

Time Taken : 10 hours















WTF .... Yes exactly WTF was the feeling...

I was travelling in a shared Sumo from Roing to Anini enjoying the awesome views all around when our sumo stopped at one gate.. Driver turned to me and asked ‘Sir uss taraf kholega ’ I said ‘what :eek:

Driver explained ‘Sir get down and open the gate so that we can cross it’.. In puzzled state i got down and opened the heavy gate and hold it for sometime once the vehicle passed i closed the gate boarded the sumo.While closing that hit my leg in that cold climate you can well imagine the pain …aww…But I controlled myself … That moment I have so many questions for the driver.. But ignored for a while.. After few kilometers again Sumo stopped and another similar gate: o Ohh No was my feeling.. . That moment was the high time to shoot the suppressed long queue of questions to the driver or fellow passengers…’why are these gates present?’ ,’who made this?’,’why people are not removing those?’ ‘how many more are there?’

Driver patiently explained each of my query.. First wished me ‘Welcome to Mishmi hills’ ... He continued’ Mishmi people used to keep Mithun as pet animal.. Mithun used to live in jungles and they might get lost or go to some other region..so to control them each basti (small villages) made such gates.’I had traveled lot in Arunachal but this was completely new for me. Driver showed me some black soil and told that Mithuns are very fond of eating that black soil. I replied I knew that Mithun loves salt. He smiled and told that those black soil are full of salts.. Ohh great..He added Idu Mishmi people (Mishmi tribe has 3 sub tribes Idu Mishmi, Digaru Mishmi and Miju Mishmi) who are the locals there used to put some marks on Mithun’s body to identify. Often they choose ear of Mithun. Often mithuns come to their owner’s house to eat salt. Whenever they find any female mithun is pregnant they used to keep eye on that and somehow they calculate when it will deliver the baby accordingly the entire family used to go to jungle to find out the mother and the new born and put the same mark on the new born for identification. One rule among them is no one steals or do anything harmful to other’s Mithuns. Disciplined rules.

But.. ‘how many more gates to come?’ I asked anxiously.. Driver replied ‘Sir though I am a regular on this route but never counted’ so I thought lets count it today J and the result came out as 16. :D

After completing Western and Central part of Arunachal Pradesh I have been already a die-hard fan of the land of love. As soon as I completed my annual trip last year I had already planned that explore the eastern part which is the most remote part. As a solo backpacker its not always easy to explore such remote parts and to add that time constraint. Its useless to find any details of this part of Arunachal.Though I knew the routes and all but there were so many things which I was completely unaware of. Getting leave big headache for such long period.. Before informing my manager it took me 2 days to prepare myself how to speak to him :D His reaction was obvious ‘you are going for a month :eek: ’ I politely replied 29 days :D ..Somehow the issue was resolved ;) Immediately just after that I booked all the flight tickets :D

Next is Ananya.. I am really grateful to god for giving me such a wonderful partner.. But the deal was to go on a holiday before this annual trip ..so we moved to Allepey for couple of days.. She encouraged a lot for this trip.. I am so thankful to her .. J

Next was finding even the smallest information.. Which was killing me every day.. each and everyday I was trying my best to find some information. Honestly whatever I collected that was just few drops of water if you compare the water of an ocean.. and one fine day I got someone special Partha da online… I must say he is a genius in the section I was about to explore. Got huge and huge information from him. Discussed almost everyday with him over FB over phone calls. I was much relaxed but not completely. Those discussion were only theoretical .Once I would be I have to perform on my own.

Next hurdle was ILP. This time Pajji came in my rescue. No words for you Satinder pajji. What I will say.I felt they have modified so many stuffs in providing ILP. Pajji got 2 ILPs for me. 1st ILP is for Dibang Valley and Lower Dibang valley and the 2nd one was for Lohit and Changlang :eek: . I did not have any plans to go to Changlang and why no Anjaw :eek: I got confused. But decided will not act anything on this decided I would see there only. And the better thing was the duration was for 20 days .. Yippie

Accuweather App is a waste it was showing that Temperature in Anini and Walong are below zero degree. I was sure that it was not correct. But was worried how cold it would be there so accordingly packed warm clothes.

This time I did not try to book any of the places to stay just left on almighty also I was confident that I would find at least a smallest place to spend night. From my previous trips I learnt a lot of things. Plan was to reach a place then try booking for vehicle or accommodation for the next place .

My very basic plan which I share here in BCMT was below

Another Ambitious Trip

Day 1 : Bangalore - Dibrugarh Flight
Dibrugarh - Tinsukia (Night Halt)
Day 2 : Tinsukia - Roing (Night Halt)
Day 3 : Sight seeing in and near by Roing
Day 4 : Roing - Anini
Day 5 : Anini
Day 6 : Anini (Some treks or Try to reach Mipi)
Day 7 : Anini
Day 8 : Anini - Roing
Day 9 : Roing - Tezu - Hayuliang
Day 10 : Hayuliang
Day 11 : Hayuliang - Walong
Day 12 : Walong - Kibithu (Will try to reach Dong village Trisection of India Myanmar and China)
Day 13 : Walong (Short trek)
Day 14 : Walong
Day 15 : Walong - Wakro
Day 16 : Wakro
Day 17 : Wakro - Tezu - Namsai
Day 18 : Namsai(Parhuram Kund and Tengapani)
Day 19 : TBD
Day 20 : TBD
Day 21 : TBD
Day 22 : Dibrugarh - Bangalore Flight

This time to save couple of days I did not bother to fly in and out to the gateway of Arunachal that’s Dibrugarh. My intention was to spend those saved days in Arunachal .

I had to attend Mr.Morling’s son’s engagement and I could not say No to him so promised him to spend the function . So I booked my flight ticket to Guwahati. I packed 2 bags one for shillong and another for Arunachal.

Finally the day arrived.. Got up at 4 AM in fact could not sleep properly the whole night due to excitement.. By 5 AM I was fully ready .. Taxi arrived on time to drop me in airport. Boarded Indigo flight at 7.45 and it was completely uneventful .. Landed on time in Guwahati at 10.45AM. Thanks Indigo for the direct flight to Guwahati. Guwahati is always special to me. Whenever I land in Guwahati I always feel good something from inside as I know I very near to hills .Before coming out from airport entered AP tourism counter my friend Tripuri lady greeted me with smile and I showed her my ILPs to clarify my queries whether I can enter Anjaw district with Lohit ILP ? As well expected she was blank :D Good news is that now officially you can get ILP in airport without any hassle … Yes its confirmed. Checked the helicopter schedules as well but sadly in eastern part helicopters are not functional after the accident in Changlang.. But for Tawang its functional. Tourism is developing in Arunachal :)

Came out from Airport Mr Morling was waiting outside the airport ..never expected that he would come to receive me. Nothing exciting just a 3 hours journey to Shillong.. great to see the road work is completed and the road is butter smooth… as we entered Shillong the infamous traffic jam of shillong took an hour to reach my hotel. Thanks Morling sir for booking a great hotel in the heart of the City Police bazar.

Spent 2 days with their family got a glimpse of their culture and tradition.Got a day free planning to visit Tura for a day trip but some how its cancelled and headed to Sohra.. Honestly was disappointed .. I have never been a Meghalaya lover. I don’t like to stay in Guwahati during end of each trip in NE so I used to move to Shillong for parties and relaxing.There are couple of rocking places in shillong for party…

Time to leave Shillong and start my actual trip.. I don’t have any words for the hospitality of Mr Morling.

Moved to Guwahati to board the Jet Airways flight to Dibrugarh,another not so eventful an hour flight except made one friend who was working for Indian Army another Tripuri guy. Dibrugarh is just another big assamese town people and vehicles everywhere.Nothing much to do.. simple took rest in Dibrugarh as next day was gonna be a big day and was super excited that I would be entering paradise.

So as usual I will be starting the teaser with the people on this earth having cleanest hearts….

@ Anini


@ Arzoo


In Burma (Myanmar)


In Burma (Myanmar)


@ Chongkham


@ Dong


@ Dong


@ Dong


@ Etalin


@ Hayuliang


@ Hayuliang


@ Hunli


@ Jagun


@ Jairampur


@ Kibithoo


@ Kibithoo


@ Kibithoo


@ Kibithoo


@ Meshai


@ Nampong


@ Namsai


@ Parshuram kund

parshuram kund.JPG

@ Roing


@ Tengapani


@ Tengapani


@ Tezu


@ Tezu


@ Tidding


@ Wakro


@ Wakro


@ Wakro


@ Wakro


@ Wakro


@ Walong

walong 3.JPG

@ Walong


@ Walong


@ Walong


Day 1 : Tinsukia - Roing

Day 2 : Roing - Anini

Day 3 : Anini

Day 4 : Anini

Day 5 : Anini

Day 6 : Anini - Roing

Day 7 : Roing -Tezu

Day 8 : Tezu - Walong

Day 9 : Walong

Day 10 : Kibithu

Day 11 : Dong

Day 12 : Walong - Hayuliang

Day 13 : Hayuliang - Tezu

Day 14 : Tezu - Namsai

Day 15 : Namsai - Wakro

Day 16 : Parshuram kund

Day 17 : Wakro - Tinsukia

Day 18 : Tinsukia - Nampong

Day 19 : Nampong - Myanmar

Day 20 : Nampong - Tinsukia
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Congrats on visiting a part of Arunachal which is perhaps toughest to plan. =D>

Do remember to post all details of accommodation - how to book them - and contact numbers.