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Day 4 : Anini

Got up late around 7 AM.. Came out from room.. what a pleasant morning it was… Sun was paining lovely the entire tiny town.. All the workers have left for their daily job.. Mr Mihu was also not visible must have left for his job… I spotted so many flowers in the garden of IB.. came to my room to get the camera.. tried my hands in capturing those flowers..











I was hungry by then but none was asking to me for breakfast.. entered the kitchen those kids were preparing food.. I asked for breakfast… I was given rice , dal cooked with potato and brinjal and some chutney.. Yes that was my breakfast.. I was also thinking its better I had heavy food as who knew I would get any food or not in the entire day.. By that time I was bored of eating all those veggies… I was thinking once I would reach the mainland revenge on meat must be taken care :D

After the breakfast I filled some water bottles and was only carrying my camera bag…plan was to carry some biscuits and whatever dry foods available from market..lets do it… I was thinking that day was totally I had to manage myself.. I was already having some ideas about the route to Mipi.. My plan was to first look out for vehicle going to Mipi.. which was next to impossible.. 2nd option was to hire a vehicle..was looking fair.. 3rd option was to get lift ..Hmmm

So plan was there started walking to the market place and look for the options.. reached market and my entered my know sumo counter cum restaurant … happy to meet the lady.. she told no vehicles to book for Mipi.. also added forget shared vehicle… also warned that not to walk to Mipi.. it might be risky as on the way nothing is there.. point noted.. now the only remaining option was hitchhiking… I had packed few bottles of water some biscuits and wafer for the trip..Though I had plan of returning back to Anini on same day but also made plan B of staying in Mipi in worst case if I would not get any vehicle.

My wait was getting longer and longer.. no sign of vehicles…whoever was crossing I had been asking whether they were heading to Mipi and each and every time the answers were coming NO… I was roaming like a fool on the road .. Total confusion what should I do next.. Should I walk upto Mipi or wait some more time.. those feelings came time and again.. but everytime I decided to wait some more time.. Seriously I was testing my own patience.. after almost 2 hours I gave up… decided to explore Anini instead … So started walking aimlessly.. I was thinking its good to be aimless as wherever I was moving my eyes amazing views I could see all around.











it was getting cloudy and dark and colder


signature of Anini






I knew that Helicopter service from Anini to Roing was scheduled on every Wednesday and I had plans of flying back to Roing.but was not sure as in that remote state helicopter service is totally unreliable.. also I had promised Ananya that I wont take any helicopter ride specially after the Changlang incident… whats wrong in enquiring I told myself… so started asking few people where to get information about the helicopter services.. some people told me to go to Helipad also showed me the direction..

Anini Helipad is situated at one corner of the town..and on a higher height .. There was an army camp ..I spotted so many sardarji.. one sardarji smiled at me and I asked him where is the helicopter booking office… He first smiled and replied he has not seen any helicopter flying in atleast for the last 3 months :eek: So again it was proved that whatever we read in mainland India about those remote places 90% are wrong.. The fact was Helicopter service was totally stopped except Tawang sector.

Sardarji spent almost his army life in different parts of Arunachal specially those border areas.. when I asked whether I can enter the helipad which was locked…he smiled and nodded his head with positive answer.. Once entered inside I was all alone and strong feeling was that was the best place for views around Anini..

I was watching entire Anini..I was clearly seeing the road to Mipi.. sad I could not be on that road L Helipad is a huge area.. It was a flat area on a hill top.. I was able to see some hills which were standing tall amazing view and feelings those were… I started walking to the edge of the Helipad…I looked down it was so deep gorge…so scary..

Anini being the headquarter of Upper Dibang valley all the Government offices are present there.. DC’s office and residence was situated on a hill top and that is the best place in Anini I guess.. Next to his residence Circuit house was present which was looking awesome from the helipad.. I was taking a lot of photographs from there… I noticed could formation started happening .. The sun already disappeared.. I was little worried about the weather… Time to return back.. I noticed one rest house type cottage when I was entering there the same sardarji from somewhere appeared and told not to take any photographs inside the cottage…

And guess what I saw… I felt so proud and confident … India is well prepared for any sort of war like situation.. I am not interested to break any security of our nation.. But I will just give you hint our very own army is fully ready for any such situation like 1962… In that cottage so many directions and maps were present all pointing to China :p That’s all I will say nothing more than that J

The mischievous smile on sardarji’s face when I came out from that cottage was indicating how prepared we are J Sardarji invited me for a cup of coffee and some snacks.. I greedily said yes as no lunch that day for me L entered their camp.. Though they were quite far from their near and dears they used to live there like a family what a bonding.. When I asked about the weather sardarji promptly replied each hour is unpredictable in reference to climate.. True that was Arunachal..Though sardarji was insisting me to have dinner with them but I decided to come back to IB..

DC's residence



Anini Helipad











Notice the road to Mipi




Indian Bunker



Circuit House


This is the cottage I was talking about... so many secrets :p



busy in making chair..our very own army people


Mishmi Man


I lost my way..Met so many school kids coming back from school on the way.. but they even don’t know how to communicate except smile language..Finally saw one girl walking with high heels.. she was smiling at me and I smiled back at her.. and asked the direction to IB.. but she was only knowing Circuit House.. but I got a company to walk for sometime.. She was just newly married was from Tezu and all her brothers staying in Anini so they selected a boy who was working in Circuit house as cook and they married happily.. her house came after sometime and I had to be alone once again….

One biker showed me a short cut route to IB after his aggressive queries… I remembered Partha da’s words Idu Mishmi people are aggressive ..but for that I had to climb a lot but finally reached IB..it was 3 PM then but it was almost dark.. full of cloud.. By that time Mr Mihu just returned with his tired look..

He invited me to his room.. as usual he wife was busy over drinks and cards with her friends..I could see the frustration on Mr Mihu’s face :p He started that he went to some places for the meeting with some officials who would give them contract to build another road.. I realized that Mr Mihu must be a rich man.. He was worried for his son.. who was doing B.Tech in Bangalore but could not pass even the first semester.. Usual story in most of the Arunachalee parents.. and when Mr Mihu landed in Bangalore for a surprise visit for his son literally he got shocked to see his son had turned out to be a drunk and chain smokers.. Immediately next day he arranged tickets back to Arunachal and admitted him in Tezu college and he started studying Arts there.. He was really worried by saying “I am earning for whom?? And these people (Mother and son) are spending money like anything”.. Full justified to be worried poor Mr Mihu .. Though he had a lot of money but at that moment he seemed like the poorest on the earth…

He has another daughter ; for her he was not complaining as she knew responsibilities and carrer oriented .. I gave him some ideas about doing MBA and he immediately pass the message over phone to his daughter… Both his son and daughter were living in Tezu.. I got an idea ..requested Mr Mihu to ask his son to book a seat for me in shared sumo from Tezu to Walong.. also given the date.. He was happy to help but due to bad weather all of us were struggling to connect..

In the meantime drizzling started… I came out it was getting colder..There was a football ground next to IB ..and so many boys were playing professionally there without caring about the weather..So many young talents in our nation..



Evening I decided to cook.. again nothing else was there except cauliflower :eek: I decided not to eat Gobi for next 3 months atleast.. those kids started cutting them and I started preparing masala… and started cooking…kitchen was giving real warmth .. in the mean time Mrs Mihu reached kitchen and shocked to see myself cooking I relaxed her by saying that I love cooking. Then as she looked at the dish realized that it must be less for the numbers of eaters so immediately ordered the kids to cut the wild brinjals.. and add… what a combination :eek: no other choice… quantity mattered there..

Due to cold all the workers reached early and everyone was ready for dinner… I decided to have food with them though Mrs Mihu was not happy with that..Menu was same Rice ,dal,Gobi and boiled egg.. and I was given one omelette ..later I came to know omelette was the reason why Mrs Mihu was not interested for me to eat with those workers.. Surprisingly everyone said curry was good.. :eek: they did not believe that I have made that :p Good feeling J

Nothing much to do in that cold climate I entered my room and suddenly Mr Mihu started knocking my door.. with a good news that he had informed his son to book a seat for me to Walong.. That was a great relief .. I also reminded him about next day’s plan that he would take me to Mipi or some other places.. He nodded That day I was not able to connect any of the phone numbers due to bad network.. decided to retire early.. I did not know when I slept listening some good songs …

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Excellent Update once again. Glad to see that our Army is well prepared there. Its high time that our government build roads & bridges to the farthest border outposts to avenge any mishap.