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Day 5 : Anini

Last night was not at all a good night for me… Whole night it was raining.. I was clearly hearing the rain drops falling on the roof… also to add around mid-night I woke up in a shock that something is biting in my feet :eek: shockingly I got up thought it was a bad dream.. but not exactly.. it was real.. when I switched on the light it was a small spider type creature was holding my left foot… :eek: I angrily pulled it and some blood marks came out.. it was shocking…and what painful it was… extreme pain… as if it was burning from inside.. for sometimes I got really scared whether it might be poisonous ..Rushed outside it was pitch dark.. knocked strongly on the door of those workers… after few minutes they woke up.. and I showed them those wounds .. they asked me to wash the leg in normal water I did... that time the cold water was not so effective put pain was… simply one guy cleaned the place with a cotton.. that’s all.. though pain and little swelling was there but no bleeding.. I was scared to enter that bed.. so first checked and cleaned the bed and blanket properly.. and again entered inside..

The fear was still there .. no sleep after that… one of the worst night I had… to add it was raining the whole night which was making me crazy like anything.. each drop of rain was pinching directly in the core of my heart.. My main concern was what to do next day… bigger concern was if it would rain like this then definitely Anini to Roing road will be closed and I will be blocked in Anini itself… All those tension plus pain gave me the sleepless night… but at one point I dozed off without my knowledge…

Knock …Knock.. Knock.. and I got up absent minded…when I opened the door those workers were standing ..and asked me to show my leg.. it was paining and little swollen.. they put some turmeric paste on the wound… and told me to relax in room.. as if I came there to relax :D

Outside weather I cant describe how much it was hurting me.. nothing yes almost nothing was visible all clouds and rain ..Visibility almost zero..i was clearly watching how weather changed the entire region with in few hours.. Totally unexpected… huh.. even Mr Mihu appeared from somewhere , his smile was really irritating me… and he as expected said in this weather how and where we could go..No answer from my side…Those workers were happy that they got one day leave.. so might be I was the only one who was tensed…

The temperature ..opps it was freezing cold.. each and every one was shivering inside there heavily woollen attire. I almost decided that the day would be wasted for sure.. Might be Mr Mihu understood the language of my heart and took me to kitchen which is the best place for that climate.. we sat near fire and he offered me to eat some boiled wild soybean which was getting boiled there only.. According to him it increases body temperature and full of protein.. He told that he had never seen such an active traveler like me who did not want to lose anytime :D

snowing on upper part



Mishmi lady


Weather was not giving a single sign to improve rather it was getting worse.. I did not want to close myself inside the IB..I noticed those workers were preparing to leave IB.. when I enquired I understood that they have to take some food materials for the other workers who were living on the river bank.. In the meantime Mrs Mihu offered me proper breakfast which was again Rice,Dal and gobi :eek: which I politely said no..Not at all interested to have gobi …as the workers were in hurry I rushed with them in the same truck but that time inside driver’s cabin :p

The entire look of Anini was changed.. I tried to relax myself by saying I saw two different looks of Anini….. and that look was beautiful as well…I was clearly watching huge snow formation on the upper part of mountains.. window glasses of the truck were broken on both the sides… so we were facing the cold wind miserably ..was waiting when we would reach our destination…driver was driving really slow and very carefully as visibility was almost nil..

Finally we took the scary turn which we took the previous day as well.. and in sometimes we reached our destination.. My last day’s made friends started welcoming me with big smiles…I noticed each and every person present there were completely covered with whatever they were having to get rid of cold… Most of them were around the fire.. Even I was completely covered..




Instantly I got a plan .. I asked my friends there lets cook there and eat together as each of them were sick of Gobi just like me .. and my master plan was to catch fishes from the river and cook there.. another problem raised if we would not catch fish then there was no vegetables available in their stock :eek: .. so we determined to catch fish in that cold climate.. One guy among them who was said to be expert in catching fish was sadly unwell and was not even willing to come out of his quilt .. so we headed to the river… with the so called equipment ..one big bamboo with thread and knot.. the bamboo was so heavy. Trust me it was not easy to catch fish with that big bamboo.. I kept on trying for quite long time but with no result same for the other guys.. just a thought came up were the fishes also hibernating due to cold :eek: at a point I gave up catching that heavy bamboo..

Someone introduced a medium sized bamboo cage which was easy to handle..It was handled by a bamboo rope attached to it..we spent almost 2 hours in that open drizzling place..without any success of fishes.. We all were hungry like anything by then.. we decided to return back to the cottage and cook whatever available.. atleast rice was there… and while we were busy in catching fishes Manoj got some squash from the forest.. I have never ever tasted that vegetable so was not so much eager to try that.. and all the cooking responsibilities were given to manoj…

Menu decided Rice and Squash curry.. :eek: he put the rice on the fire… and started cutting and cleaning the squashes .. Problem was only 1 onion available.. no ginger..no garlic.. no masala… I was cursing at a point why I did not take gobi for another time :D Manoj put more rice in that small utensil and rice was flooded from top.. and was semi cooked no other way we had to remove the utensil from fire.. Monoj started preparing squash in usual way.. but unusual was added 16 Red chillies :eek: and at the end he discovered 2 flakes of garlic crushed them and added ..i was closely watching his activities with hungry stomach.. In sometime our food was ready ..i was served first.. but I insisted that we all would take food together.. In the mean time we asked manoj that he was dirty and unless he wont take bath he would not be allowed to eat.. He took it seriously but we were simply pulling his legs.. he went to take a dip in the river… I tried to stop him but other guys were making fun of him.. so he successfully took bath in the river and came back.

Trust me that was one of the best dish I have ever had in my life.. It was super hot due to huge amount of chillies from my eyes, nose water was coming due to that..I was sweating like anything… but I finished everything in sometime..did not throw a single rice … I will never forget that taste ever… and in that cold climate the chilly was working as medicine .. I spotted still those guys were trying their hands in fishing.. I reached them and started my effort in catching fish for the last time.. I swear in 15 minutes I got a fish… in another 10 minutes another :eek: Moody fishes… and the other guys also started catching some fishes..

Enough fishing .. we returned I was happy that I caught fishes :D Noway I was going to eat them ..i was completely full..i gave all those fishes to the workers for their dinner.. One guy happily said that he would prepare those fishes using atleast 50 chillies :eek:

It was still drizzling.. There I got a call from Sudhira ,they were also in AP during that time and got problem while riding from Daporijo to Along due to rain.. Gave them some ideas about route to come out to Assam from Along..

I spotted in other cottage a group of workers were smoking joints :eek: I knew that Mishmi people’s favourite hobby is smoking all those stuffs… When I enquired Manoj happily took me to the back side of the cottage… Ohh my lord it was the jungle of Marijuana :eek:

The truck and truck driver were missing… when enquired they went to get some more stuffs from Mr Mihu..Nothing much to do was listening Manoj’s story… his main intention was to learn truck driving from the driver … he used to call him Ustaad.. and he had promised himself that he wont show his face to his parents until he would become a driver.. But his ustaad always complained lightly that post 6 PM Manoj used to sleep inside truck without doing his duty as navigator.. :D

In the meantime ustaad and one more guy arrived in truck.. and they started transferring stuffs from truck to their cottage and as if all the sleepy workers got back their energy and took all the loads.. Those stuffs were gifts from Mr Mihu due to the cold climate… a cartoon of eggs .. per person 1 quarter of cheap alcohol .. that was party time for them..they were asking Mr Mihu for some meat but they were happy with the eggs.. I could notice properly how such small things brought back so much joy in their souls…

What a bonding between them.. during day time I saw 2 workers were fighting like anything but I saw they together got busy in keeping those cartoons properly and started unpacking.. I was surprised not to see single hint of differences.. as if they never fought.. I was wondering how situation controls human being.. Their plan was to get fresh soon as the darkness was appearing.. Let me tell you the time then was just 3 PM.. then prepare food simultaneously drink and after drink and food they all used to come out of the cottage to the flat surface near the river bank and give speech one by one… This had been their post party activities..

i had never seen



Boiled soybean















Bechara Manoj












i can change job


their fav time...


It was pitch dark by 4 PM.. and witty Mr Mihu never allowed to return his truck empty so the workers were loading those crushed stones into the truck and truck driver also joined the joint gang :eek: I was worried as he had to drive :eek: We were ready to leave.. I bid everyone good bye there.. Thanked them from the core of my heart.. I will remember them forever.

We were on the hilly road with one headlight of the truck somehow one light was not working and Driver ustaad was driving faster.. I was thinking whether he was high :eek: and as ustaad mentioned manoj slept in sometime :p That was really a crazy and irresponsible drive…

Anyway We reached completely fine. Sumo counter guy was calling me to pay the money so I went and paid him full money which was 700 INR for the next day’s journey… when I asked him what time sumo would start next day his reply shocked me like anything.. ‘Agar rasta khula hoga to 5.30 baje niklega’.. It was clearly indicating that yes there were chances that I am getting blocked in Anini itself :eek: Scary… returned IB with all those negative thoughts…

All in IB were looking like half dead or half slept :D I instantly joined Mr Mihu in kitchen and started warming myself in wood fire.. When I asked Mr Mihu what would be the chances that I can return to Roing next day.. even he was not sure… He also added that a new road which will serve 365 days was being made and would be functional in couple of months ..and that would reduce the distance by 60 KM and most important part it would not pass thorough Mayodiya pass where in winter snow blocks the vehicle regularly.

Happy Mrs Mihu also joined in our discussion.. might be she won in cards :D happily said that she had prepared meat for the cold climate and for keeping me so many days away from meat :p Thanks Mrs Mihu … but but the meat was beef… Remembered the promise to Ananya J politely said I never took beef (lie)… so again had to romance with gobi :D Then I asked for bill in total they have charged 1600 INR. Fair enough? No idea as it was my very first staying in IB…

I was just entering my room one vehicle came to IB … and Mr Mihu introduced me to those two doctors who had some work in Anini and they would be staying there for 2 days…

I knew I might not meet those workers next day as I had to leave very early. I sat in their room for sometime and at 8 PM decided to retire..but the thought of not getting out of Anini was worrying me like anything….

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Excellent update Tapas. Life in hilly regions is very slow and gives ample time to people to socialize. I somehow like this slow life.


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Great !
Great !
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Great !
Pajji Thanks

This place seems to be the bridge in Anini after 9km from Anini towards Roing :


Some houses seems to be there too on Dibang River !
28.766296, 95.863790

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We are so active and powerful....
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Why don't you go with him ?
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Ver good report, detailed and riveting. Makes me feel good to see such enterprising people like you, full of adventure and determination.
Great photographs too.
You are wanderer .. and i know you need all details.. wil give almost all whatever you need

View attachment 653680 View attachment 653691 View attachment 653695 View attachment 653700 View attachment 653703 View attachment 653706 Absolutely mind blowing !!! To your query whether I got snow in Mayudia its in the affirmative. I am adding few snaps from Annini with your permission just to show the beauty of this place .View attachment 653677

View attachment 653678

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Nice update bro. Riding in a truck when driver is high is scary as Hell. Next time promise Ananya that you will not do such kind of heroics in any condition.

Bhai safety first.