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Day 7 : Roing to Tezu

Distance : 86 KM

Mode : Bus

Time Taken : 4 hours


Got up at 5 AM by the screaming of the school kids who used to come to the hotel owner for tuition..Got fresh packed everything and came out of hotel ..Intention was to walk to the bus stand and book a ticket in advance.. so walked 300 meters to reach there.. By the time Roing was waking up.. The bus stand was quite small and equally dirty.. and the last night rain added mud on the road..Few people also waiting at the counter.. I got a window seat by paying 100 rupees ..and I had an hour in my hand to spend in Roing ..decided to have breakfast so entered one restaurant and ordered puri and subji.. they served hot food… whenever the journey used to be of small duration I very much feel relaxed.. and Roing to Tezu would hardly take 4 hours and the road condition is 80% good..

After having breakfast headed to my hotel.. took my backpack bid bye to the hotel owner.. met aunty on the way and thanked her for the all the help.. sadly sujjain was missing..also met Partha da’s friend who helped me in getting the ticket to Anini also helped in getting a hotel room.and started walking to the bus stand.

Bus was not yet arrived .. few Bengali guys were also travelling but they were on official trip and they were cursing the road condition,accommodation, food almost everything about Arunachal.. Kept distance from them.. :p

Bus time table from Roing


my bus to Tezu


Hotel Mihu quite popular in Roing


Morning view of Roing




Left Roing


Bus reached at 6.15 AM.. I was expecting the typical very old model bus but to my surprise it was not so bad..I took my seat , that was on left side and I was sitting peacefully on a double seat.. very less number of passengers were travelling ..Bus journey was really comfortable unlike the jam packed sumo ride and the road condition was excellent…

We were travelling on the same road which lead to Tinsukia.. Infact there are 2 routes to reach Tezu from roing and the one we were travelling was the longer one .. There were 2 reasons for the longer route most of the buses used to go empty if they would just travel Roing to Tezu on the shorter route which would not touch Assam and the second reason was there was a under construction bridge on the shorter route.. According to Rupam they used to reach in 2 hours in bike from Roing to Tezu on the shorter route.. Both Roing and Tezu were present in the plain.. so the road was smooth I was watching the small villages on the road,paddy fields. Bus was stopping almost in all the places whoever was giving sign to stop… School kids, College girls, teachers ,daily commuters and all.Gradually bus was getting crowded … We crossed small places like Jia, Bolung and finally reached Shantipur ; another gateway to Arunachal Pradesh.. we stopped there for sometime.. and we entered the Assam plain… and from there bus started stopping in every 10 minutes either passengers are getting in or getting down.. bus was over crowded with assamese passenger.. we were moving on the same road to Sadiya ghat.. but just after Chapakhowa bus took a turn and the road condition became worst… That was the diversion one went to Sadiya ghat and another towards Tezu..

In chapakhowa the overloaded bus got some relief .. the bus was crossing between thick jungles..we were again crossing some small assamese villages in between.. From morning I was trying calling Mr Mihu’s son Lasa Mihu who was supposed to book my ticket to walong.. but he was not even picking the call. Grrr

We stopped at another Check gate of Arunachal around 9AM.. The name of the place is Sonpura..Bus stopped for ILP check..I came out from the bus with Lohit district ILP for showing.. and I just clicked the gate … one big shout :eek: one cop came running to me .. I was literally frightened …he just guided me to his shouting senior.. :eek: I was scared whether they would take my camera away :eek: He told me Photography there was prohibited.. I calmly replied that no where it was mentioned.. He immediately asked my ILP..I was sure that he would not be going to allow me into Arunachal again.. while he was checking I showed him the picture and offered that I would delete immediately and did that.. He got relaxed… I politely said sorry also added that it was completely unintentional.. He was normal by that time..He was amazed to see the new format of ILP and the map attracted him so much.. He curiously asked me where all I had plan to visit.. I told him that I just came back from Anini and next heading to Walong..

Honestly I was not very clear about my route..Only thing I was clear about Anini and Walong and as usual I left remaining route on time…but he just gave some solid idea… Tezu > Walong > Kibithoo > Hayuliang>Parshuram Kund > Wakro> Namsai .. It looked perfect for me.. But what about public transportation? I asked him he replied with positively.. This was the experience of a cop who served in Police department for almost 30 years and stayed in almost entire Arunachal… he easily answered the most query which had been going on my mind from the day I received ILP.. whether Lohit ILP would work for Anjaw.. He clarified saying Anjaw was a new district in Arunachal so Lohit ILP would certainly work for Anjaw and the bigger thing is there would not be any check point on the way to enter Anjaw… I was so happy… I bid him bye with a big thank you for his help ..

Bus started and we were again on the soil of Arunachal .. Jungle was accompanying us.. One guy sat beside me and started interacting me.. He was from Sunpura..and heading to Tezu for some work.. Road condition was worse..he replied that after sometime road condition would be super as the construction work was going on.. and yes road condition became super yes butter smooth after sometime.. On the way I saw a junction where the shorter route to roing meets.. We kept on moving on a good pace ..Then one big bridge came.. The name of the river is Digaru.. another tributary to the mighty Brahmaputra . Local people called it Pagal Nadi.. when I asked my co-passenger he replied in rainy days the river used to behave madly and the current used to be unexpected and had taken lot of lives..

Then we crossed another junction where one muddy road used to go to Alubari Ghat which connects to Tinsukia via Namsai.. I was creating all the routes in my mind after getting such a clear picture of all my confusions.. Earlier I was thinking for reaching Tinsukia from Tezu one had to again cross sadiya ghat…

We started entering Tezu.. as expected Tezu is a big place loads of building.. Bus stopped at the bus stand at exactly 10.30 AM.. I saw loads of sumo counter..i called Lasa Mihu again and same thing happened ..he did not pick up my call.. without wasting any time I walked to a sumo counter for getting a ticket for me to Walong for next day.. and I came to know that there used to be only a single sumo counter which operated sumo from Tezu to walong.. and I headed to that counter and he was the most carefree guy I must say … Bad attitude guy clearly told me that there would not be any sumo going to Walong next day.. :eek: Reason was no passengers :eek: and for the next to next day there was a sumo but only last row was empty so I must had to travel in the last row on those hilly roads for atleast 10 hours :eek: I was so much tensed and confused what should I do.. I did not want to waste a day in that dusty town Tezu.. One elderly person was sitting next to the counter and advised me that get a hotel buy a full bottle of whiskey and drink entire day ..grr.. felt like kicking him… Then got one idea walked to the bus counter when I enquired the bus to Walong had been stopped … L instant got another idea .. and went back to the sumo counter and asked him to give me a ticket to Hayuliang and plan was to get another sumo from hayuliang to walong.. but he politely said that there must be fair chances to get sumo from Tezu itself as there would not be a single sumo running from Hayuliang to walong.. So the 3rd plan also flopped… what next … I reserved seat no 7 on extreme back without paying money and told him that would pay by evening..

I was clueless what to do.. nothing was coming in my mind…not at all willing to spend another day there… kept on walking on the dusty roads to find a hotel for me.. I knew from internet Saru hotel was only mentioned hotel of Tezu also all the reviews were it was the dirtiest .. So plan was to try another one.. and I saw the very first hotel on my way Sharma hotel.. entered to check the condition of room.. Sharma ji arrived fat guy always chewing pan.. The very first impression about him was he was such a guy who knew how to take people in control with sweet words J After asking me few general questions about myself he told me there are rooms starting from 150 to 1200.. 150 was dormitory and 1200 was 4 bedded room.. so in between ranges you guys can imagine.. I just told him I wanted a clean single room.. and she asked his staff another very old man who had some hearing problem to show me the extreme end room on first floor.. room was small it had a tv.. I said yes as again I had to spend just a night.. the problem was the toilet and bath rooms were on ground floor and sharma ji used to keep the toilets locked entire day and if someone had to go to toilet he had to ask key from sharma ji .. strange is not it?? But it was true the reason was all outsiders used to come into the toilet and make those very dirty.. The room price was 350 but sharma ji gave me 50 rupees discount..

I kept on calling Lasa but no use… It was 12.30 PM I decided to have some good lunch.. and came out to road..asked few locals which is the best restaurant.. they guided me to a Nepali hotel.. Ordered chicken,rice,dal and some veggies it was delicious…


The Digaru river

Entering Tezu

After having lunch I was roaming curelessly.. and aksed few locals anything to see in Tezu..all were confused.. and one guy pointed towards Budhha Vihar.. it was few meters from the hotel.. started walking and there was a small Monastery and a temple …Took few pictures and that place did not attract me much.. so coming back to Hotel..at the entrance of the hotel met 3 ITBP commandos who were just settling down in Sharma Hotel… one instantly said that next day they anyhow had to reach walong :eek: Bingo got an idea… I intimated them that I was also heading to Walong next day and took those people to the sumo counter guy and set one deal.. that find one vehicle for walong next day and arranging people would be my duty :eek: He just said that no guarantee that next day he could arrange vehicle.. also told that 2 more people were interested fork travelling tomorrow from the next to next day’s list.. I took their number and instantly called them and they happily agreed to travel next day.. so total we were 6 then… need 4 more.. atleast 2 more I was ready to pay the extra money.. The counter guy assured me that he would find some more… and another list created and I was given Number 6 seat… I was a bit relaxed but not completely as main concern was whether the sumo counter guy could find a vehicle next day..

Came back to my hotel room.. Sharma ji casually asked whther I had lunch or not.. I nodded head and he replied that I should had lunch there only..also added making self-appraisal that in Tezu Sharma thali is very famous.. J I assured him I would try in the dinner..

Nothing to do was watching TV and that day Bihar election results were coming up.. and Bihar denied to live in Achhe din ;)
















Sunset in Tezu from hotel balcony

At 4 PM came out from hotel again to check the status of vehicle and the passenger list .. But the status was same he till then was not able to get one vehicle Not a good news but the passenger numbers has increased a bit.. The total by then was 8 …

Evening went on watching TV and some drama on the ground floor.. one young sardar and another guy who were looking as if best buddies during day time started fighting like Tom and Jerry in drunken state and messed up the dining room like anything I was watching all those fun from my balcony :D sharma ji came back and fined them with huge amount of money :D and order was to clean the dining hall themselves ..it was really fun to watch them cleaning :D

And by 8 the great sharma thali was ready.. Rice ,dal, saag, some veggies,papad and pickle at the price of 60 I just added one omelette in that.. it was good but not as good as I expected… :D After dinner I paid all the money to sharma ji..

After dinner I watched TV for sometimes… and retired early… thinking next day’s struggle…

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What an adventure! your interactions with people and funny take on them is what I really love in your logs. I remember someone mentioning about stay options in Hunli. There is a IB as well as some guest house there. Some pictures from Anini and a little further:

Chilly evening at Mayodia guest house:


Mayodia guest house (Some say its haunted!)




Enroute Anini:



Gates that are a pain in the a**:


Green waters of Etaun river:



A bench for the love birds:


Towards Dembuene:



Landscapes of Anini:





End of roads at Dembeune:




IB at Hunli:


Boat ride between Roing and Pasighat:


Enjoying the winter sun at Etalin:





What an adventure! your interactions with people and funny take on them is what I really love in your logs. I remember someone mentioning about stay options in Hunli. There is a IB as well as some guest house there. Some pictures from Anini and a little further:

Chilly evening at Mayodia guest house:

View attachment 656865

Mayodia guest house (Some say its haunted!)

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View attachment 656868

Enroute Anini:

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View attachment 656867

Gates that are a pain in the a**:

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Green waters of Etaun river:

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View attachment 656882

A bench for the love birds:

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Towards Dembuene:

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Landscapes of Anini:

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End of roads at Dembeune:

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IB at Hunli:

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Boat ride between Roing and Pasighat:

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Enjoying the winter sun at Etalin:

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Fantastic Gunin bhai :)