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Day 10 : Walong – Kibithu

Distance : 26 KM

Mode : Hired Sumo

Time Taken : 1 hour


Got up hearing the knock on my door.. when I opened the door I spotted CO..As promised he came there to confirm me that vehicle was ready J Awesome morning that was.. I was much relaxed and told him that we would start slowly as we had the entire day.. I again slept for sometime.. :p but not for much time Madan woke me up..

Madan was a great guy to energetic.. and he knew the real meaning of backpacking..He was completely new to NE.. he had plans of traveling to Tawang from Walong I guided him which reduced a day from his plan as I gave the right route to him also gave him all the contact details .. also asked him to join me till Kibithoo he readily agreed .. we took our very own time to get ready out discussion was going on and we also finished breakfast J

I was waiting for the vehicle also for Pradhan.. but none was arriving .. around 10.30 I decided to move to Pradhan’s house which was near market place.. Madan came with me as he had to get the permission from CO for IB accommodation as well.. after guiding Madan to CO’s house when I reached Pradhan’s house he was not at all well ..he had been vomiting the entire last night.. Even doctors used to get unwell.. :D In that condition also he was eager to come with me upto Kibithoo but told that he would sleep in car :D I denied his offer and told him to take proper rest and would meet him in the evening..

I came out to market..made call a call to Ananya after waiting 20 minutes..then came out to my friend’s shop and was chitchatting when one young called me sir.. he was not at all Arunachali or Assamese ..His feature was saying so.. He introduced himself as the driver but said that he needed to repair his vehicle and it would take sometime.. When I asked that shy guy that where he was from surprisingly he said from Berhampur ,Odisha :eek: another reason to be happy… Though for that reason I got 200 discount and the revised rate became 1800..

Madhav arrived after getting the permission and as he came to know that the vehicle repair would take sometime he decided to walk till ALG but I was not interested..I just told him to back soon.. and I settled down in my friends shop.. I came to know some interesting stuffs from her.. In Mizu Mishmi tradition none can divorce simply.. if someone leaves his wife he cant marry another one.. If the wife dies then he can marry another girl.. same for ladies.Even my friend’s father got married to another girl of her age after her mom’s death..

The wait was really getting longer… I was getting impatient..came to investigate the status of the vehicle.. Abram told it was almost done and hardly it would take 15 more minutes..not bad.. I looked for Madhav then .. he was completely out of sight..that moment I was feeling the importance of mobile network..Vehicle was ready.. but I was worried for Madhav..I did not want to waste his one day.. but unwantedly it happened we had to leave Madhav and head.. Abram’s wife and his son joined us .. as on the way they had some relatives..

We started permit was not checked might be Army people knew Abram well..we were traveling on the most remote road.. I must say the valley was most beautiful blue mountains ,green lohit and the shining sun were making the views perfect..

It was a very rare feeling I was traveling quite close to another nation ..i was getting overjoyed as I was going closer to Kibithu for which I had been dreaming from a long time.I was travelling on the land on which 1962 Indo-China war was fought..

Locals on the way

Abram in action


amazing views all around











On the way we took our very first stop that was the sumo counter where I booked 2 tickets (entire front row) for me to Hayuliyang and another seat no.3 for Madhav.It was a pain for someone staying in walong..as he had to come almost 5 kms to book tickets..Was relaxed that my return journey was confirmed with comfortable seats…

I was seriously falling in love with the views all around… and Lohit was giving company all the way…On the way there are very few settlements mostly by our own army.. we reached at a bridge where there were only 2-3 houses were there Abram stopped there and his wife and son got down there.. That was his wife’s relative’s place..and we were also forced to went there.. Abram and myself were in hope that lunch would be served there but sadly we had to manage with soup noodles and omelette..But who was complaining for food at that moment.. and I made another few friends there.. The people staying in those small settlements after Walong were Buddhist rather they belong to Tibet and they had been staying there post 1962.. maximum of their relatives were in Tibet.. but they introduce them as proud Indians.. I was mingling with my new friends and I realized that Kibithu was waiting for us.. we rushed as we were already very late..


China visible


Lohit entering India

After sometime we were traveling on Namti plain.. where the bloody 1962 war was fought..i was remembering all those articles and books I studied on 1962 war..Even somewhere I had studied the water of Lohit turned red from Green.. I am not discussing anything about those blame game here.. just was shocked how on this so beautiful land the war took place just to teach lesson to we Indians ..

Road condition was not so bad..rather better in the standard of Arunachal..but at a point the road was almost vanished and that was the stretch where the road was going on but that day it was stopped due to Sunday… We crossed that road as well.. yes we were moving much closer to China… Kibithu village was visible from distance… And suddenly I saw the board ‘Welcome to Kibithu’ ohh what a feeling… but kibithu was still 3 kms from there… and the next board knocked me off…’Welcome to the Eastern Most Road of India’ .. I was executing another dream .. Over joyed I was.. I had seen so many pictures of that board and that moment I was standing there.. those feeling can never be described in words…

We kept moving on..and suddenly we were forced to stop by one Sardar ji Army person.. and he rushed to us asking ‘sir you cant go beyond’ :eek: What the hell.. ‘why’ was my quickest query.. as expected reply was ‘upar se order hai’ I showed him my permit and told him to read it clearly.. honestly I was angry and irritated by then… he was not at all willing to allow us.. I thought from inside that I would go anyway.. whatever might happen I must go to kibithu that moment… initially I tried to convince him with legal way but later my tone changed and I forced him to call his senior..and he did and that person was none other than the Millitary Police person who gave me the permit.. and we were allowed with an apology from the Sardar ji..

I was feeling proud of myself also thinking if I would not be able to visit till kibithu what would have been the feeling.. entire life I must be cursing myself.. that almighty for providing that opportunity to fulfil another dream J

And we were in Kibithu another tiny village ..lot and lot of army presence and 3 chinese village were visible from there.. Abram strictly told me not to take a single photographs there.. Even the Police who provided me permit also told the same.. I kept their words.. did not brought out my camera..

Kibithu what a creation by god… I was realizing love at first sight.. Sadly the telescope was out of order I could not see china properly.. But I heard from Abram that in Chinese part the roads are so good that even plane can land on that .. why india is so slow learner ?? How could I stop being so much close to China.. so myself and Abram kept the camera bag and started walking in some very narrow lane really did not know whose land was that.. :p we started roaming for almost an hour and finally realized that it must be unsafe to roam like that either Chinese or indian army might catch us :D though nothing happened when we came back to our vehicle.. P Honestly don’t want to write much about Kibithu.. let few things be secret :D






Namti plain






Way to Meshai



Road was getting constructed







Kibithu village



Our sumo resting

Chinese man??


whose settlement is this ??

on some unknown land :D




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The unknown land we walked


way to china :p























Paid my another salute to Kibithu .. and we started heading back.. my heart was full of joy..I made one dream into reality… Sun started fading.. and we were on the same way back.. and our stop was Abrams’ relative’s place I got another hour to hangout with my 2 sweet friends Jaana and Chandi.. ;)

Thought they were forcing us to stay that night there but I was not at all ready.. After promising them that I would come to meet them next day I was allowed to leave :D I was thinking what Madhav missed that day but Kibithu was not his most important destination he had some other plans…which we planned to make it the next day together ;)







My friends


Local liquor

We picked up Abram’s wife and his son and started towards Walong and when we reached Walong it was already pitch dark.. When I got down I was welcomed by one upset face Madhav :D and another happy face :D Captain.. I started my story in kitchen regarding the beauty of Kibithu,the beautiful friends I made and the unknown land I entered… Madhav was interested in the beauty of Kibithu and Captain was in the girls as she knew them :D

Discussion with Captain


We really had a great time till dinner..I was thinking of Pradhan but decided to meet him next day..Madav and finalized the plan for the next day which would be another feather in the crown..and we decided to retire early as we had to get up in wee hours next day say something around 3 AM :eek:

In the mean time one bikers gang of 6 arrived in the IB ..they were from Tinsukia and part of Bikers of Assam and they had plan to reach till kibithu..

I entered my room and covered myself in that freezing cold thinking about the whole day which was the best day in the trip till then …

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Bhau masta update! Kibithu is so close to china that i can feel polluted seating here. Just joking. Nice clicks buddy. It seems omelette is staple for you in AP
Tapas, Thanks for the update.
Really lovely place.
Wonder how number of odia brothers are there!
Mr pradhan from which place in odisha?
Have you met any odia friends in other circuits of AP.


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Bhau masta update! Kibithu is so close to china that i can feel polluted seating here. Just joking. Nice clicks buddy. It seems omelette is staple for you in AP
Thanks SRH baba.. for the continuous support :)

mast..super pics bhai...keep pouring
Thank you Raman bhai

Simply Superb ! At last I got to see Kibithu !!
But i strongly insist you see with your own eyes... I am a bad photographer... seriously could not do justice to that place with my camera...

Bahut badhiya bhai

Vo bottle me kya tha ?
Usme distilled water tha pandey ji ;)

Tapas, Thanks for the update.
Really lovely place.
Wonder how number of odia brothers are there!
Mr pradhan from which place in odisha?
Have you met any odia friends in other circuits of AP.
Manoj Bhai thank you so much...

Till today i never mety a single odia guy in that huge state... but this time i was so lucky.. you will see some in next post..
Gote odia sammelan kalu next day ;)
Mr Pradhan is from Bargarh...

Fantastic pagla Sanu ! ;)

Was it Assam Bikers or Bikers of Assam? Were they allowed to go upto Kibhitu?
Thanks Rajiv bhau
Sadly no... :p