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Day 12 : Walong – Hayuliang

Distance : 98 KM

Mode : Shared Sumo

Time Taken : 4 hours


Got up at 6 AM shockingly.. ohh I needed to board the sumo..came to Pradhan’s room though he was awake but not able to come from blanket..also added that sumo must wait.. ;) last night in drunk state Pradhan asked my jacket so I gifted him also my gloves.. then i rushed to IB.. Met madhav on the way.he was coming to wake me up.. so we got ready.. sumo was supposed to pick us from IB..

But we decided to come to the market place..as I had to see off my so many friends.. I has having full hangover so was madhav.. First called ananya she was happy that I was coming to reachable area over mobile..then walked to my friend’s shop.. he was getting emotional..I was wondering how in small span of time we got so close.. even I was also feeling bad…Honestly the feeling was to spend few more days in Walong.. but in that case my remaining places must be compromised… I was not determining myself whether I was getting selfish.. Pradhan ,CO came to see me off.. I could see the hidden pain inside Pradhan from his eyes…I hugged him and told that do call me regularly.. J

Sanjeet our driver reached by time..and took my bags and loaded..but people ordered him to start after 30 minutes.. Sushil also arrived with another ointment.. J as I was chatting with them for the last time.. in the mean time my breakfast was ready by my friend.. it was some noodles..

I bid my last good bye to Walong and my so many friends with heaviest heart.. and took my front seat all alone.. I could see the frustration for the delay due to me for my sumo co-passengers but none uttered a single word.. once sumo started I was getting crazy as I was leaving walong L I told Madhav that I should have stayed hew more days there.. I was leaving my heart in walong…



We were passing through the amazing valley..which I missed while coming to walong as it was completely dark… so many army settlements on the way..Hayuliang was hardly 100 kms from Walong.. so according to my calculation by lunch time I must be in Hayuliang..

The sumo was full .. Madhav was also lost in the beauty of the views all around.. His plan was to go to Tawang from there… I guided him to reach Tezu and next day take a bus or Sumo to Tinsukia and from tinsukia same day take a night super (People call the night buses like that) to Tezpur and assured him to call Partha da to book a seta for him..and from Tezpur he can get a direct sumo to Tawang…Though it would be a nonstop and bone crushing journey for him but he was determined enough.. Madhav has visited Southernmost point, Western most point, heart of India and then he covered the eastern most point and his next target was to visit the northern most point… Such a determined guy… real respect for him..

Also that was another reason which was making me sad that we 2 solo travellers had a great time together and now he was also separating.. From Hayuliang he would travel to Tezu in the same day but I had some different plan.. I had to travel to Wakro from hayuliang.. Though initially I planned to visit which was on the way between Hayuliang and walong but I decided to skip it… as I got some more places to visit by partha da. J


Lohit following all the way

Landslide zone






Stopped by army truck it got punctured

Old bridge




Indian army hat gifted by one army guy traveling with me


Confused Madav








scattered settlements on the way











We reached in hayuliang at 12 noon..all passengers got down for lunch and I for staying the day there..Hayuliang is a bit bigger place..so many shops were there.. but the sad part was the IB which was located in some different location..I bid Madhav bye..and wished him luck for his onward journey also added to keep in touch..

I took my bags and started walking .. I enquired with few sumo counters present there sadly there was not a single shared sumo to wakro :eek: next what… walked to the bus counter same reply I received.. I was already screwed…Decided to have some food there in the market as I was not sure about the availability of food and accommodation in IB.. Had simple dal rice and some subji..Started walking towards IB..when I enquired luckily there was only 1 room available that for a single day.. My requirement was exactly the same..

After witnessing the beauty of Walong one person was on my mind and due to lack of network I was not able to call him.. Immediately I called Mithun da @mithun123 .. he has been very much willing to visit Anini from a long time.. I just told him ‘Forget Anini visit Walong’ and we had a long long discussion J

I was thinking about my plan B as I was quite sure that I was not heading to wakro next day…Called up Partha da and confirmed my plan B.. he also added few more interesting things.. plan looked awesome..Ananya was too happy as she could be in touch 24 hours as I was in mobile coverage area..

Took bath there and decided to walk till the shore of Lohit…Walked back to market area..Book a seat for next day afternoon sumo to Tezu :p and then I enquired about to reach Lohit also the hanging bridge which I spotted while coming from Tezu.. b ut that was some 6 Km far from there :eek: and noway I can reach Lohit from any near by point… I was curshing myself as Hayuliang was giving back to back shocks.. did I make a wrong decision by getting down in Hayuliang.. but why should I regret and look back.. I already had plan B..

I was roaming like a fool in the middle of hayuliang market… Hayuliang is comparatively a bigger place .. Its was the entrance to Walong from Tezu side also from Wakro and Namsai side..and army has a big settlement there which was quite far from the main market.. Population was also on bigger side there.. and not only Mishmi people but some other tribes also so many outsiders living there..


Hayuliang Town





Madhav got a dao..and in action :p

Roaming aimlessly in hayuliang.. suddenly one army gypsy stopped.. and that was none other than Mr Tyagi.. The army officer whom I met while coming to Walong from Tezu.. really glad to meet him.. as I was totally irritated by that time.. he just returned to Hayuliang on the same day to take some more convey to Walong next day.. he allowed me to board the Gypsy.. on the way I told my bad luck story to him .. Sun started fading by 3PM.. and he insisted me to visit his quarter inside army settlement I did not have anything to do so I nodded my head for the dinner invite with him..

He was telling how their training was going on in Walong.. every time they had to learn something new technique .. According to him there was no stopping in learning in army life.. they had to be advanced everytime.. being at border region they had to always be prepared for the enemy and not at any cost they don’t want to kill themselves like 1962.. 1962 taught a lot J

We entered their campus.. Hayuliang army settlement was a transit point for all those army vehicles heading towards walong.. as those havy trucks could not reach walong in a single day.. they used to take atleast 2 days to reach walong with a break in hayuliang ..no matter they came from wakro side or tezu side.. so most of the times the campus used to be crowded.. I spotted some hundreds of army vehicles there…

Being an office Mr Tyagi’s room was separate ..it was small one.. we started discussing about the life of army..each and every army officer has huge responsibilities ..the top one was to take care of his team.. entire team is emotionally attached as well.. being far from family and friends they together used be the family.. Tyagi was not a strict officer but quite friendly with his juniors.. and used to crack jokes a lot…

Though Tyagi invited me for couple of drinks.. I denied by saying if I would drink then I must die.. and narrated the night long part the previous day :D and he was got busy with his glass…A super dinner was served at 7 PM..so many dishes.. I was thinking atleast this great food was another reason to keep them motivated.. I was having Chapati after a long long time..salad,chicken,dal,mix veg also some desert .. which was making the dinner totally complete..

After dinner he asked his driver to drop me safely in IB.. I thanked Mr Tyagi for the company and food and left.. I was not worried as I had to board the afternoon sumo..so I can sleep till late..

I reached IB and when the caretaker asked about my food I told that I already had.. and there was a TV in IB I decided to watch till late.. as I knew nothing much to do next day morning in hayuliang…

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Great surprise ! Liked it thoroughly !!
Thank you Sir :)

Gajab hai boss!
Thanks Apoorv :)

Awesome Tapas. Kibithu shots were awesome. Eagerly waiting for next episode.
Thank you Shekhar bhai :)

Amazing. I am missing being there.
Yes... you should be jealous :p But there is always a next time.. we will plan something soon :)

Dong is beautiful. The azure blue sky, crystal clear sky, green mountains , locals... lovely.
Walong is like that... Blue sky,Green mountains.. Green and pure lohit... amazing locals...

Honestly i was feeling like a king in Walong :)

<º))))><¸.·´¯`·.¸Great ! ¸.·´¯`·.¸><((((º>
<º))))><¸.·´¯`·.¸Great ! ¸.·´¯`·.¸><((((º>
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Thank you Pajji

from your log , my advise is, never go to china for any visit, otherwise they will kept you their and asking all whereabouts regarding arunanchal , as you are an wikipedia of arunanchal now...
Point to be noted sir...i have never given any thought on that :)

Awesome Tapas. Waiting for next part. 1962 War was a disaster for India although it opened our eyes but it came at very high cost. Still lot to be done especially in road infrastructure.
India still not learnt it properly... so many decades passed and what is the development ..

Lovely place Dong..
and you had awesome time...
Pictures are too good..
Thank you madam
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