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Day 13 : Hayuliang - Tezu

Distance : 104 KM

Mode : Shared Sumo

Time Taken : 4 hours

Hayuliang - Tezu.jpg

Though I woke up at 6 AM but not at all willing to come out from blanket.. really wished to sleep some more time.. so again dozed off… Finally got up at 10 AM by getting a call from Madhav.. shockingly he was still in Tezu :eek: He was unwell .. some stomach problem… All thanks to Gupta ji once again :eek: I really did not know how he reached Guptaji for dinner.. I just assured him that by evening I would be in Tezu and hopefully he must be fit by that time..and Next morning we can travel together though according to Plan B I had to get down before his destination … Yesterday intentionally I booked the afternoon sumo mainly due to witness the majestic sunset over the Lohit valley..

When I came out from my room the care taker himself told that ‘sir aap so gaye the aur breakfast khatam ho gaya.. fir se banau’.. I was not in a mood to have breakfast as I had plans of lunch before commencing my journey to Tezu… I was realizing that I was going to waste a day or 2 due to detour .. I knew there was a direct route from Hayuliang to Wakro.. but no public transport was running on that particular route.. and the fear of not reaching Wakro was killing me.. and Honestly my plan was getting messed up in Hayuliang.. I was thinking all those while getting ready to leave the IB..

Thanks to the Sumo guy who kept my request of picking me from IB else I had to walk a long long distance… and he came much before ..actually I was good for me.. as I would get much time for lunch …






apartment in Hayuliang


U-turn of Lohit



In a complete long trip few days used be like very lazy and I was guessing that was the day.. I was feeling super lazy..the reason might be Hayuliang did not attract me much.. and my plan was not working out… anything might be..

I had lunch rice,dal some sabji and fish fry… which was ok type..walked to sumo stand..I came to know that there were sumo to Wakro but with one condition if passengers would be more then sumo would ply and my bad luck there were not a single passengers for that particular day…

Sumo started at exactly 12 PM..but after traveling 5 minutes it stopped in a garage to repair its tyre.. there I noticed one apartment type property in Hayuliang :eek: I was surprised in those remote part how they built this building..

We were on the road again.. again was feeling good that I had booked 2 front seats for me to Tezu so was sitting comfortably and enjoying the views…We reached the exit point of Anjaw district where there was a check point.. I again met those beautiful lady cops..They smiled at me and I signed in the exit register..

Beauty on duty






















I was realizing when one person used to be lazy the whole world for him used to be lazy.. I noticed almost all the fellow passengers sleeping calmly in the sumo..so the journey was becoming uneventful.. But the puncture woke everyone up… thanks to another sumo which was traveling with us both the drivers repaired the tyre in few minutes..

After 3.30 sun started fading and I was worried that I would miss the sunset over lohit .. and I told my concern to the driver.. and he started driving in speed..though from vehicle I was noticing that the sunset was looking awesome but I wanted to reach the sunset view point where the entire valley used to look heavenly with the fading light of sun… Finally we reached the point not bad.. but driver told maximum 5 minutes he would wait.. there were already few people they were not locals at all told me’sir thoda der kar diye’ .. I was realizing who can compete with nature.. Took few pictures.. that was one of the best sunset I had ever witnessed in my entire life.. the vast Lohit valley was under sun light glowing like gold…and the zig zag lohit was looking like a golden necklace.. wow whata sight that was… I was almost lost in that beauty but not for much timw when the driver started honking… and without any objection I returned and boarded the sumo.. and we were coming closer to Tezu.. and I got a call from Madhav that he would be waiting at the sumo stand.. We came down from hill and travelling on plain.. and finally entered Tezu.. and Madhav was waiting when I got down from sumo..and he was fit by then.. that was the good news.. he told that last night he stayed in Hotel saru dormitory by paying 150 I said I cant stay like that..so we decided to take a double room in the same hotel.. and we took the only available double room by paying 800.. the only problem was the toilet and bathroom were not attached but sharing :eek: I was realizing how my attitude changed when I came down to plain .. our next task was to book tickets for next day.. came out from hotel and there were plenty of sumo counters in Tezu .. Initially madhav’s plan was to book a bus ticket to Tinsukia and from Tinsukia he woukd take one overnight bus to tezpur which would drop him in wee hours of morning and from Tezpur straight to tawang in sumo which would be most bone crushing journey…










sunset over Lohit valley






magical show




We came to the sumo counter and I booked a seat for me to Namsai..but I decided to get down before Namsai as the plan given by Partha da.. My ticket was 200.. and when I enquired the price to Tinsukia they said the usual rate is 300 but they can give one seat to Madahv at 200.. I checked with madhav the bus ticket was some 180.. and he also agreed to travel in sumo .. J

I was hungry by then… we made lot of fun about Sharma ji’s special thali :D and entered saru hotel’s dining hall.. I must say the fish preparation that day was mind blowing.. I strongly said Madhav to eat whatever he likes and I was giving the treat to him.. we tried a lot of dishes there.. as I was not much worried that next morning I had to travel less..

After the heavy dinner..we came to our room.. we chatted till mid night.. Madhav was carrying a small laptop..he took transferred the Kibithu pictures from my camera.. sad that he could not make it to Kibithu…

I wished Madhav the last good night and retired…

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‘°ºø•✿•.¸✿¸.•❀•.❀•.Great !.•❀.•❀•.¸✿¸.•✿•øº°‘
‘°ºø•✿•.¸✿¸.•❀•.❀•.Great !.•❀.•❀•.¸✿¸.•✿•øº°‘
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