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Day 15 : Namsai – Wakro

Distance : 68 KM

Mode : Tata Magic

Time Taken : 4 hours


Got up in shock on the hard knocks on my door.. That was none other than the hotel boy ..Oh my lord it was 6.15.. ‘sir, aapka bus hai na Wakro ke liye ’ the young chap asked in low voice.. I replied ‘hai nahi tha’.. Suddenly realized why the hell I am cursing that little guy.. How disgusting that was I was on a trip rather say dedicated trip and all those carelessness.. I was really disappointed …Not at all good start of the day..

Without complaining more.. and trying to forget the chapter I got ready then called Partha da for the route and alternative options..and he explained too well.. so I checked out the hotel and came to market where buses and all vehicles used to start.. I decided that I should breakfast as I was not sure when and where would be my next meal…had heavy breakfast of puri and sabji and some sandesh …

Last evening I had already enquired that there were 2 buses plying every day to Wakro . One from Namsai itself at 6 AM and another comes from Tinsukia which reaches Namsai at 2 PM… I did not want to waste more time in Namsai… so walked to the Tata Magic stand.. asked one young guy which vehicle would go to Wakro.. though his vehicle was empty but he indicated that his vehicle would go politely.. I was suspicious.. Might be the some touts..i realized I am in plain .. waited for the time to decide that ;)

Again wait was getting longer.. no sign of any passengers.. I knew the route.. and Partha da had already given the confidence.. At 9 AM I boarded another Magic which was heading to Chongkham.. I boarded it and instructed him to arrange my travel to Wakro.. he reassured that from Chongkham I must get some vehicles to Wakro..

Tata magic was over loaded but someone gave me a seat.. we were traveling on the same road which I covered on the previous day…Road was so good..That was NH 52.. We crossed the Golden pagoda which I visited the previous day..On the people were boarding and getting down ..It was totally different than the Sumo rides.. I noticed so many mustard farms which was making the view amazing..



Something interesting took place on the way… Two beautiful girls boarded the vehicle.. one was sitting next to me and another did not find any place to seat so she was almost sitting on one of my lap.. One can understand the sitting arrangements only he would have travelled in such a vehicle..I was lost in my planning when I got distracted by her blushing :D first did not understood.. later I confirmed that it was for me.. Honestly I must be looking like a crazy fool and dirty .. I was getting confused was she making fun of me.. of course not.. I did not proceed much as I realized lot of things :D anyway both of the got down after blowing big smiles for me.. that part was embarrassing for me as other co-passengers looked at me awkwardly :p

Chongkham is only 30 kms from Namsai but we took 90 minutes to reach there due to unlimited numbers of stoppages.. Chongkham is also a bigger place as it’s the junction ,gateway to Tezu and above also Wakro and Above..Military heavy vehicles used to take the Wakro route as there would not be any river crossing to reach the China border areas..

Just before Chongkham the kind driver stopped another Tata magic and asked whether that was heading to Wakro.. he denied but they discussed something and the driver instructed me that the other vehicle would drop me in a place called Medo very close to Wakro only 9 KMs.. and I should get a vehicle to wakro from there else in worst case I would get the afternoon bus which would take me to Wakro.

I thanked my driver and boarded the other vehicle which was relatively less crowded.. after Chongkham road condition started degrading.. at some patches those became worst.. and we were again climbing some mountains.. with me a family was traveling newly married couple ..the husband was super shy.. and the bride’s younger sister and groom’s younger..so the entire journey was on Mute mode :D Good for me as well was busy in enjoying the views..after an hour we reached Medo after covering 29 KMs.. a small place.. I was fully hungry by then.. and bad luck was that there was no hotels.. so satisfied with some biscuits …

After some waiting I had decided that i would not get anything except the bus which was coming from Tinsukia.. so was waiting near a hotel.. and my luck was not so bad that day when the Tata magic driver invited me saying that he would go to Wakro with some luggage but would take atleast 30 minutes to load.. that was perfectly ok for me.. J I got some more time to search for food.. but was unsuccessful ..

kamlang WLS

In my mind another query was disturbing that was the accommodation in Wakro.. though whomever I asked they encouraged me that I must get a room in Circuit House..

So me and the driver and loads of goods were on the way to cover the remaining 9 KMs from Medo to wakro.. Road was just ok type…On the way one diversion I noticed which went towards Kamlang Wildlife Sanctuary…I had heard a lot of that WLS ..

One board knocked me ‘Welcome to the Valley of Oranges’.. Yes that was entrance to Wakro.. Wakro is a very small place ..on a small valley the entire houses were spread..I was impressed on the very first sight.. The driver dropped me at the market.. It was a small place having hardly 10-12 shops.. I asked a guy about the location of Circuit House..First he got confused and when another guy joined our discussion all doubts got cleared.. there was one old Circuit House where that moment it was abandoned ..and people used to call it Bhoot Bangla…To my surprise he guided me to the road from where I came :eek: I could have got down there only..

Anyway after thanking and promising to hangout in the evening I started walking back alone.. and finally after walking more than 15 minutes with the heavy backpack I noticed the Circuit house.. when I entered the campus some kids were playing there and I was looking for the care taker.. I was totally nervous that whether I would be allowed to stay there ..and to add Wakro is a very small place where I would stay :eek:

Finally the old caretaker came and happily opened a double room for me.. having 2 beds and it was quite large.. ohhh my one of the biggest problem resolved.. I got fresh quickly as sun was already giving hint that it would disappear… the kind caretaker asked about food for dinner.. I casually said prepare something good.. but honestly I was severely hungry as no proper lunch…

Came out to the place where kids were playing football…believe me or not instantly we became friends..The reason which I thought was might be they were seeing someone from outside … Mainly two girls Soni and Payal became much closer…

my new friends














road to Hayuliang/Parshuram kund


I was talking to them about their education , family and interest and this way we were becoming closer… when I asked them that I was hungry they happily agreed to guide me to the best Chowmein available in the market :eek: and we reached there.. and yes that must be providing the best chowmein as there was no competition and that was the solo restaurant :D

We ordered chicken fried rice for three of us..To my surprise first the lady whose husband was the very first guy I was asking for the location of Circuit House served some soup.. and later the noodles arrived.. both were tasty ..might be my hunger was making the taste more… while having those noodles those kids requested me to buy crackers for them .. The way they asked it was really warm for me.. I happily bought crackers for them .. they were so happy.. I was happy for those smiles.. Being far away from whom atleast I brought smiles on those cute faces..

Our snacks


All were ready for Diwali


Those kids started bursting the crackers in the Circuit house and it was so good to watch their excitement and energy.. The caretaker of the Circuit house was living with his family.. Wife ,one son who used be drunk the entire day and his son’s wife and 2 kids..His drunk son was after me trying to treat me as a king and as if he was the slave of mine.. only and only for a bottle or two :D I gave him some money for his night thirstiness :D So all were delighted .. Those kids also saved some crackers for next day ;) and I was talking to Soni and Payal… such sweet kids.. Soni became so much closer to me.. she was living with her sister as her parents were no more in this earth ..her sister was studying in class-9th and was managing the entire household work also her naughty younger sister



Payal’s house was a bit farther and by 8 PM it was almost midnight.. me and soni decided to drop her near house so started walking in that pitch dark evening.. while coming back I saw off Soni as well her house was very close to the Circuit house..she hugged me so dearly I could see the affection for me J might be someone she found so closer to her heart J Before saying Good night she told me that next morning she would come early morning for a walk with me in Wakro J and her last words took my breath away for quite a long time.. ‘Bhaiya dekhke jaiyega yahan pe bahut saanp hai.. kabhi kabhi to ghar main ghus aate hain’ :eek:

I returned to circuit house and there was no electricity.. what a Diwali ;) according to the care taker it was quite normal..he also told the same snake story.. I was very uncomfortable.. I was little worried about my mobile and camera.. but not much.. Care taker’s son lightened my room with some candles and served dinner as well.. he was over joyed and treating me so well in drunk state…

Dinner was out of this world… Rice,Peas curry, saag and fish fry each and everything was delicious still the fish fry won the show… I really don’t know which fish was that..

amazing fish fry

After dinner nothing much to do in that darkness and the fear of snakes.. I made myself busy over phone calls with Ananya and retired in sometime..

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