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Day 1 : Tinsukia to Roing

Distance : 106 KM

Mode : Bus + Ferry

Time Taken : 6 Hours


Not able to sleep properly the previous night in Dibrugarh ..nothing serious it was pure excitement.. Got up during odd hours .. It was cold so skipped taking bath. In my mind it was there that maximum by 1 PM I would reach Roing. Walked to station to board the first train which was at 5 AM and I had plenty of time in my hands. Train was overcrowded but managed to get a seat for myself. Train arrived on time 5.55AM. New Tinsukia is the new station of Tinsukia town quite clean and well managed.

Once I got down from train called up Partha da..He told to wait there for half an hours and he would be picking me up.. Let me tell you a bit about Partha da.. When I was looking for details about those remote places I was indeed clueless how to proceed. Though I knew the route purely theoretical I want someone from those regions to guide me. And there is one FB Group named Roing. I joined there in a hope to get some information. But my bad I hardly got any details and those I knew almost. Whatever information I received all for Roing only not above that. But one day I got some reply and those were from Partha da J

Let me tell you honestly whenever I visited those remote parts.. always my plan used to be reach at a place and from there plan for the next destination… and here Roing was my first destination which I was getting mixed responses how to reach… Partha da already had booked my bus ticket to Roing at 9 PM .. Plan was to have breakfast together also he will provide his contact details of various places which might be helpful…

Finally Partha da arrived at 7 AM.. it was really a great feeling to meet someone in reality with whom you had been chatting for a long time… and I got my angel …We rode to a restaurant Partha da ordered some different types of puri.. which was small in size and some spices are added up..yummie it was… while having food we discussed a lot… I showed him my ILPs he cleared my doubt about entering Anjaw district ..Lohit permit will work well in those districts… According to him there is a Circuit House also one IB in Anini.. in worst case if I wont find he gave one reference and that was like this “Market main ek light post hai bada wala ..uske saamne daroo ka dukaan hai… kuch nahi hua to wo dukaan main jaana .. aur bolna Tinsukia se kuch log bike pea aye the aur aapke ghar ruke the…” :eek: I thought ‘chalo.. ye bhi try kar lete hain’ .. Called that guy and he was happy to keep me as host… was relaxed that atleast Anini booking is done…

Honestly I was not at all worried about Roing as I know it has hotels.. My experience about AP is where there are hotels that’s a big town in Arunachal standards.. and I would be not staying more than that night in Roing… All thanks to him… helped in booking a Sumo seat for myself from Roing to Anini.. I always get greedy and choosy while traveling in share vehicles… yes I always demand a good seat.. of course window side… Either seat number 6 or 3.. :D Partha da also gave one contact details of Roing from whom I needed to collect the ticket for Anini and also would help me in getting a place to stay for the night there.. what else I needed more…

I discovered more about Partha da… he is a avid traveller..a dedicated biker...RE lover.. nomad .. :D has explored many places in NE.. We started asking each other after keeping AP map on table who has completed more places in AP.. and yes I was a clear winner.. and I ignited the fire in him :D

While leaving the restaurant he put some seeds in my mind.. which was not at all in my plan but yes I was always dreaming off… also he told that if I can give 2 days to him at the end of trip so that he can plan something big for me and to my dreamland… wow.. just wow… I was so excited.. I with full confidence said YES…

Time to move to bus stand… Tinsukia is a business town in Assam.. Surprisingly its called Little Bihar .. Yes the MLA of Tinsukia is a Bihari… only 10% population there are Assamese .. Most are Marwadis,Biharis and Nepalis ..

My bus was standing there.. Nirjulee Travels buses ply to Roing … Govt of AP buses are there as well also some other private buses… there is no problem in going to Roing from Tinsukia at all.. Last bus goes at 1.30PM…

I collected the bus ticket… Nice seat for me… lot of leg space… happy indeed .. Ok let me tell the bus goes to Sadiya ghat and from there need to cross the river on ferry and from other side have to board another bus and straight to Roing… all including the price is 200 per head..

Time to board the bus.. a big and warm hug to Partha da… and I reminded him that I will keep on calling him anytime… partha da interrupted that if networks permits.. :D’ yes yes Partha da .. I am not at all new to AP’ I replied… Before bus started special instruction given to the driver and conductor that take care of me.. That was the most unexpected… and yes remembered..I am heading to heaven where only angels live J

Butter smooth road it was ..yes I was travelling in Assam roads… I was passing through the places which I have seen online.. Makum where the diversion towards Digboi happens… Then Doom Dooma… Lots of Dhabas on the way… and the tea gardens were my company all the way.. Awesome feeling it was … I cant explain in words… one young guys was sitting next to me.. but was busy with his mobile… why should I disturb him.. we entered Sadiya area… one left turn and the road …where the hell is the road… all sand and black soil… :eek: dust and dust… pathetic road it was… still big trucks were coming and going and those were creating loads of dust storms… …we travelled like that more that 30 minutes… then suddenly I realized the Longest bridge of India… Yes its Sadiya Dhola bridge… 9.15 KM … almost double of the recent one Bandra-Worli sea link… which is 5.6 KM ..

Honestly I opened my camera there only… that moment as usual.. people started staring at me… I was quite habituated by then :D and I was ready to face all those weird questions… but nothing happened .. after 40 minutes of dust ride ..bus stopped at the Ghat..sadiya ghat.. we had to get down .. I curiously asked the conductor how much more time it would take to reach Roing he calmly replied by 3.30 Pm we should reach… God my calculation went entirely wrong.. I was feeling bad as I wont be able to see anything in Roing.. as I was much aware of the sunset in AP…

People started having there lunch in that ghat at 11 AM.. I was not in a mood and decided that will have lunch on next ghat after ferry crossing.. all the goods were getting transferred from bus to boat… after some time we are good to board the ferry.. I was sitting on the top of the boat.. I always love to sail over the mighty Brahmaputra.. Technically it was the Lohit.. It was cloudy day..i was watching the mountains… was excited that I was going to cross lot of them…in couple of days…

on the way to sadiya ghat


bad road






India's longest bridge






Sadiya ghat













fresh catch getting cooked


Roing is placed on the foot of the hills.. once you start from Roing mountains will accompany you..I was excited truly…Finally my co-passenger who sitting next to me in bus started talking to me…he was Rupam.. from Duliajan,Assam and studying ITI in Roing due to less marks in exam :D

I must say you here wherever I used to enter Arunachal I never got a good feed back of the locals.. according to him Roing is not a good place after sunset… people used to get drunk and even kill people..so gave me lot of safety precautions… Will keep in mind dude..

30 minutes of boat ride and we were on the other shore.. time to hunt food.. fresh catches… cant resist myself… had Rice dal fish fry and fish curry which was 70 INR… it was damn tasty,… got the recipe as well… :D

Another bus was waiting for us…goods getting loaded there… all are assigned same seat sequence there… bus started on the bad road and then reached good road…lot of greenery… loved it…finally ..we were entering Arunachal at Shantipur check post…


One cop entered in the bus and after seeing my big and colourful ILP got confused and I made him molre confused that ‘this is special permit.. have you seen any ILP like this.. I am special officer :p ’Happy he was meeting the fake duplicate officer :p No intention was there to make fool of him… but I was naughty,.,, we were in Arunachal… wow… I kept on discussing with Rupam… Finally reached Roing at 3.30 PM.. light was fading.. thanks to driver he dropped me on the right place.. now had to find out my contact who was un reachable over phone.. as expected Roing is a big place of course in AP standard..

Then the thought of finding a place to stay also my ticket to Anini… The direction given by Partha da was the electronic shop near HDFC bank… huh HDFC bank there big place Roing :p … Got you boy… and he walked with me to the Sumo counter sadly seat number 1 was booked I was not at all happy coz that was by driver’s side… I shouted at the aunty who was the owner…and asked her to convert it to No.3 or 6 ..she assured lets see next morning… now hunt for a hotel.. got a dirty room in Hotel Pulu at the price of 300 INR. But not at all complaining… coz I needed to sleep the night only… I took bath in cold water in shared bathroom… called Rupam we had plan that he had to take me to some places in Roing..i was ready he was late… sadly no electricity in Hotel.. so charged my camera and mobile in Sumo wali aunty;s counter… also enquired about going to Tezu from Roing while I would return… no idea about sumos…couple of buses ply according to locals…

Finally Rupam arrived…with his friend..who was much excited that I was heading to Anini.. they had gone upto Mayodiya not more than that… I promised them that I would provide all the details whne I would come back from Anini so that they can plan…

We headed to Deopani river which was dried up completely … it was getting cold.. and totally dark… spend sometime there nothing to there.. all stones… heade back to hotel.. also instructed Rupam to book a seat for me for Tezu… had dinner together in Family restaurant… Chicken fried rice and some omelette. .. came back room retired at 8 PM… Dreaming about Anini…



the bridge washed out twice so construction halted


yours truly


amazing sunset to end the day


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Glued to this thread. I made the journey to Anini solo like you in Feb this year. I am planning for the next part to Khibutu hence dying for the next trip log.