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Day 2 : Roing to Anini

Distance : 238 KM

Mode : Shared Sumo

Time Taken : 10 hours


Cold morning it was.. to add there was no electricity for the entire last night.. Camera was fully charged but mobile might die in sometime. Packed my bag in that dark. Quickly got freshen up.. Bid bye to the hotel owner who was a teacher as well.also reminded him that to keep a room for me on my return.. Sumo counter was just by side of my hotel.. and morning time it was crowded with passengers and vehicles going to various places like Pasighat,Dambuk,Tezu and of course Anini. I headed straight to aunty who showed me Thumps up.. wah.. I got seat number 6.. right window side just behind the driver… Thanked aunty for her effort..

By then I was much familiar with the pain of traveling on those remote hills from my previous experiences.. and frankly whenever the route is long say for Anini generally it takes 10 hours ..those feelings always makes me weak psychologically.. I was only thinking about the packed sumo and 10 hours journey on the worst part of roads..

Luggage ,goods , baskets, pigs, chickens, what not all loaded on the top of sumo.. I noticed one physically challenged elderly person was staring at me.. It was common for us travellers people used to stare… I could well know he was willing to talk to me.. but we did not get that chance somehow.. Then though his daughter was helping him to board the sumo but he denied and himself with the help of a chair able to get into the same sumo.. Respect for him increased …

Roing town



Driver started honking .. to indicate that ready to roll…I noticed the elderly man had taken seat no.3.. all got up in sumo but I was not entering as seat no 4 and 5 were empty.. even driver came out to search the passenger then I guess he realized something and asked me to get in..and told that the elderly man had booked 3 seat for himself… I immediately asked repeat please … he said 4 & 5 seats were empty… those were music to ears.. So we 2 only in the middle row… what else can be a big surprise for me… seriously I was so happy…

Finally we were on road.. the same road I rode with Rupam the last evening.. and one diversion into the dried river…full of stones… I was thinking it’s the road to Anini… completely understood why Anini used to cut off from mainland during rainy season.. Govt tried to build a bridge over the Deopani river but it washed away twice.. and Mr. Mepo that’s the name of the elderly person started our conversation .. He was the ex-secretary of physically handicapped association and proudly showed me the certificates he received from Presidents Pratibha Patil and Abdul Kalam.He was also traveling to Anini. Infact we were only 2 who were traveling to Anini directly remaining passengers were travelling some places on the way.. He was telling how energetic he used be when he was young.. it was well seen during his entry to the sumo J He used to work for some NGOs to help the physically challenged people.

I was so happy finally I was on mountain. Mountains made me wait long but finally allowed me into her lap J and that was amazing feeling.. lush green forest.. sunny day …cool breeze.. the smell of wild flowers.. what else I wanted except this combo.. I was on cloud nine… This is heaven for me… why should I ask for another one.. I was already there… some feelings cant be described in words.. should be felt… and the beauty all around as a poor photographer I was not able give justice in my camera… not at all.. One should be there to feel what is true beauty ..

We crossed a place where the entire Dibang valley was visible.. I had earlier seen many pictures and heard many stories the sunset over Dibang valley is breathtaking.. decided while returning will try to witness that .. J

Mr Mepo's certificate






This is the river bed cum road



Dibang valley







After sometimes I started feeling cold…then chilly… ohh we were approaching Mayodiya pass… The Mayodiya Pass specially for Assamese … Its said that the very first snow fall happens on Mayodiya pass. So it was a hot spot for assamese tourist .. Mayodiya pass is situated 55 KMs from Roing and its 2655 meter above sea level.

There is a local story about Mayodiya pass. There used to be a Nepali girl who was living with her parents and a kiddo brother .One fine day when her parents went out for harvesting.. his brother was playing outside and after sometime he was lost ..to search her brother Maya looked out almost everywhere then came to this pass and in the meantime it started snowing heavily and Maya also got lost .. The pass is named after her. One can find heavy flow of tourists during January and February on that pass.

Though I requested the driver to stop for few minutes on Mayodiya pass.. he told nothing to see there during that particular time. He was right. But above the pass the view was breath-taking. There is an army camp on the pass. For tourist there is a resort to stay which is said to be little expensive.

On the way I spotted 2 Scorpio vehicle full of birding photographers.. Lot and lot of birds and butterflies in those region. Its also called heaven for birding. I spotted a very beautiful butterfly that was blue and black in color.. not able to click it as we were moving.

It was really chilly on Mayodiya when we started descending the cold also decreased a bit.. but it was too cold.. Mr. Mepo ordered the driver to stop at a place as he wanted to have some noodles :eek: Driver had no other choice but to stop at a place named Koni .. we all got down from sumo.. I started clicking the views.. Once done entered the tiny hotel named Hotel 65.. As usual in AP tradition some beautiful girls were managing the hotel. And there I met Pushpa… a cute small girl who was sitting in the front row with her mother and was heading to Etalin.. she was insisting to have noodles which her mother was denying.. did not find the reason but as I invited her she happily came with me and sat on a chair… I got a new friend.. she was studying in class 5 .. there is only 1 school in Etalin..but her house is 2 kms from Etalin in a small village..she used to cover those distance everyday.. never complained but her complain was what would be her future after passing out from school as there is no college… Hope someone is listening..

Hot noodles was ready tough I did not take but was so happy to see the little girl eating without watching here and there J Got some mobile network so called up Ananya and said ‘All well’..

Mayodiya Pass







Mishmi kitchen





Time to resume the journey..It was a long way to go.. I was completely lost in the beauty all around… road was almost good except some bad patches in between .. At some places the road condition was so dangerous ..By 11 we were entering Hunli.. another small place ..we stopped for lunch there.. Rice dal some gobi sabji and omelette was my lunch menu.. In cold weather hot food was heavenly.. I finished quickly.. still people were having lunch.. so walked a bit .. to see the zig zag road.. nothing fascinating … The last row of sumo got empty in Hunli.. Mr. Mepo had lunch in sumo only driver was serving like a waiter .. and I was clearly seeing his frustrations :D ..We started again.. Driver put some nepali music ..lovely songs those were..

We were crossing small villages Dibang was giving us company all the way…driver was dropping some goods which he got from Roing in so many places.. At that moment I witnessed the typical Mishmi clothing which is a jacket type in bright Pink or Orange color.. It was long long journey that god I was in mountains …

We reached Etalin I witnessed 2 huge rivers were merging there.. even driver did not have idea what are the names. I was damn sure one was dree and another don’t know and both of them after merging named as The Dibang. In Etalin Pushpa her mon and her granny got down.. She came to me to say Bye I gifted her with chocolates and wished her all the very best in studies… Before leaving she never forgot to invite me to her place on my return leg.. I just said lets see..

At that time we were only two in the sumo excluding the driver.. driver requested me to come to the front row.. by that time he was totally pissed off with Mr Mepo. He even stopped the sumo at many places and asked everyone to get down from sumo so that he can urinate … the most irritating situation at a palce was.. he stopped the vehicle at a small shop and bought some agarbathis and started talking to the young girl for long long time.. driver was losing control … but helpless… whne I was on the front row.. driver started asking me about my intention to visit and all.. I clearly explained him..

As usual I asked him how safe is Anini.. he told one story that one day he was out in the evening 2 local guys stopped him and asked for 200 bucks.. he calmly gave all the 8K money he was having at that moment.. and those guys asked we don’t need so much.. he replied take all if you want..and he knows their faces and will let his boss know about the incident and as a big guy his boss was he would take care.. and finally those guys had to leave without money… funny but warning for me… Hmmm















Mishmi man











It was getting dark… I was little worried as the place I was supposed to stay I was not able to call them due to lack of mobile network.. driver told that getting Ciruit house will be little difficult as I need DC’s permission and it would be very late when we would reach anini.. so the other option was IB.. I had in my mind that I would try in IB first if wont get will look for the homestay which partha da has told me.. It was getting pitch dark and suddenly some sounds started coming from the vehicle.. we had to stop and investigate nothing serious.. so we resumed out journey.. finally we entered anini at 6.30 PM .. I asked the driver to drop Mr mepo at his place then take me to IB..

Mr Mepo was staying in hospital compound and my lord how much luggage he was carrying..Driver was pissed off completely carrying all those goods to his room.. I also helped the driver as it was getting late.. just after leaving him driver clearly told that passengers of these type sucks big time and he would never take such passengers in future.. :D

Now its time to enter IB.. driver went inside one lady came out and nodded her head that rooms are available.. wow… trust me I was so happy after getting a room in that govt accommodation … though I have travelled extensively but never ever got any chance to stay in IB or Circuit house..

It was a big room with attached bathroom all neat and clean of course older.. now the much awaited stuff some alcohol …. Asked the driver he was not at all ready as the market is far away and IB is on a hill top.. but he confirmed with the lady of IB that the care takers can bring for me.. Of course I ordered Oaken glow.. also lady asked me about dinner I asked the menu she said Rice dal Gobi I added omelette in that… I got freshen up… decided to take bath next day and started drinking my fav drink in Ap… I drank a little more as the plan for next day was to roam inside Anini.. in the mean time my dinner was ready and kept in my room… I finished that much before 9 PM… time to retire… dreaming to see Anini in day light…lets see how Anini would be giving me surprises …

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