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Day 3 : Anini

Got up quite early.. but the cold stopped me in coming out from the blankets.. also it was completely dark at 4 AM… remained calm inside the blankets listening songs..was making plans in my mind what to do in Anini.. Like that an hour passed away.. saw some light coming ..Time to get out from the blanket.. Chilling cold it was… Opened the door.. Full of fog and some sudden cold air touched my hands and legs… ran to get the jacket..and came outside.…but sun was ready to come out..Good sign.. None was awake in the IB that moment.. Last night as I arrived in dark nothing was visible.. that moment I was watching how beautifully the IB was located.. Entire Anini was visible from there.. Surrounded by beautiful and colourful mountains..Misty sky…

Morning view of Anini


In the mean time some people started gathering there one of them was the guy who brought the Whiskey for me last night. Greeted me Good Morning. Then the husband of the lady who is taking care of the IB appeared .His name is Rohan Mihu. We started our conversation.. He was actually a road contractor who was building some roads inside Anini and those guys were his workers..

Mr Mihu enquired about me and my profession like everyone does in AP to outsiders.. and was happy to call me Engineer Saab ;) also he was often adding from Bangalore :D My main intention was to reach Mipi which is called so beautiful.. which is 19 Km from Anini .. was looking for a vehicle to go there but sadly Mr Mihu was busy that day and next day but assured me that on 3rd day he would try his best to take me there I also reassured that I would take care of the diesel and his entertainment :D What next..what would I do that day…

Let me tell a bit about Mr Mihu.. as I mentioned he was a contractor… he used to bring workers from assam and building that road.. also he had a stone crusher, couple of trucks to bring those materials..Shockingly.. he had allotted couple of rooms of IB to his workers.. :eek: also he was dealing with Diesel in Anini.. Rich man I must say.. Honestly I had never seen such a business minded person like him in entire Arunachal…

His workers were getting ready to bring stone for road work from the crusher site ..when I enquired they were heading to the Dibang river bank where the crusher was built.. I was very clear that technically that river is the Dree and near Etalin the Dree merges with the Mathun river to become the mighty Dibang..so the plan was made… I would be going with them post breakfast in a truck.. :eek: ya in a truck .. nothing was in my mind and plan by that time.. and the plan was to return back to IB during lunch perfect…

Quickly I finished my morning essentials… My food was ready by that time… It was simple Khichdi and yummy baigan bharta (these were wild brinjals) full of chilly flakes… Quite hot for those cold climate.. when we started it was sunny.. Weather was really pleasant.. sun was making entire Anini shining like anything… What a beautiful place ..Anini J

We were set to roll on the road.. I insisted to stand on the carrier of the truck to witness the views around.. and later I realized that was most painful wish I asked for ..I was almost jumping on those bumpy roads.. But the views all around were breath-taking.. We were travelling on the same road towards Roing .. The distance we covered was 9KM from Anini somewhere just before Aguli village.. We left the main road and took one scary left turn inside the thick jungle down to the river.. The music of river was clearly audible ..we went closer and finally stopped.. I jumped from the truck and was watching the arrangements there.. All Mr Mihu’s workers almost 15 in number.. they were staying there in some temporary hut..they used to spend the entire day in that remote place.. Mr Mihu used to come once in a week to give the ration for the week.. Mainly Rice ,dal and oil.. those were free for them but for vegetables and remaining things Mr Mihu used to deduct the amount from their salary.. None was complaining.. Their job is to work in that crusher area.. Everyday those 2 trucks used to come and take those crushed stones multiple times. …

My breakfast



Truck ride





It was about to take quite sometime by the time they would load the crushed stones into the truck so myself and another young chap decided to walk on the rocky bank of Dree..and someone from them told us that there we would be able to see a nice hanging bridge and after crossing the bridge there was a village J

Me and Manoj started our walk… initially it was an easy walk.. but gradually the river bank got full of stones.. from tiny to big to very large .. and the main problem was we had to create our own way.. later those stones became slippery ..one slip and deep down into the freezing cold river :eek: I was getting sweat by that time.. it was getting much difficult to walk also… we were not carrying any water.. but who cared we had crystal clear water of Dree.. but where the hell is that Hanging bridge :eek: we kept on walking for almost 2 hours then only saw the bridge from far… as if we got back out energy ..hurray… our speed also restored.. Finally we were coming closer to the hanging bridge.. I have seen so many hanging bridges in my life.. I have walked on them.. I have rode on them.. I had fight on them.. Hope you remember Mr. Tallir Singh :p But this was special.. didn’t know why but one achievement feeling was coming from inside..

We were under the hanging bridge.. but where the hell the road to go to the bridge.. sadly there was no road.. to reach the bridge we had to climb one hill..hell noway we would going to do that.. we waited there for sometimes.. drank those free flowing super crystal clear sweet water…splashed on face head.. lovely feeling that was..I was sure there must be a small village on the other side of the bridge.. as I saw few people crossing the bridge carrying goods.. how tough is life for them.. I was wondering how many such small settlements would be inside those thick jungles..

We spotted few foot marks.. as I asked my trek partner he said lot of animals used to come for drinking water to the river at that place as the place is falt and full of sand instead of rocky.. Spent a good half an hour there..











This is the most beautiful flower on the shore


















Time to return no way we were going to return via that road.. we discussed and settled that we would be returning crossing the jungle.. atleast we would not be climbing those super tiring rocks… time to find an entrance into the jungle from the river bank…and we succeeded.. but as we entered inside the jungle it was more scary.. Honestly the only fear in my mind at time was Snakes… Confession I hate them like anything… The forest was so thick that even sunlight was not able to enter that so dark.. even we were not able to see the where we were walking.. To be sincere ‘meri fati padi thi’ by luck or something you can say we found out a narrow road with the mark of the vehicle wheels.. and the best part was lot of sunlight was coming… what a relief ..

Confidence again restored .. smooth road… fear gone.. and within 45 minutes we reached our starting point and my truck companions were waiting there with all smile.. It was really nice to see them again.. they were waiting for us.. I remembered I was hungry like anything and so they were… It was 2 PM by then…

My Trek partner was wearing a flipper … and noticed he had lot of marks in his feet… Bloody dumdum.. yes they suck blood.. even I have marks on my feet till now.. never minded..

Time to move fast to IB for food.. all hungry souls started for IB.. this time ofcourse I was sitting in cabin next to Driver :D Truck is really painful… :D My each bone was paining after the hard core so called trek…

Walk in the jungle




made some really great friends


dumdum effect.. so painful


Entrance to Anini


Menu was Rice dal ,Gobi fry and Omelette for me.. remember this ..hope you remember last night dinner menu as well .. :D anyway had tummy full food…whatever it was… Hunger does not know any boundary … Multiple times I was asked by Mr. Mihu and his wife how was my day… huh…

That moment my mind was at booking the return ticket to Roing.. Took a little rest… Let me introduce you two more human beings from Anini… The domestic workers of Anini IB.. Blood sisters… one is 12 years old another just 6.. Daily routine for the,,, Cleaning each and every room including rest rooms..cooking for all the guest and workers… cleaning utensils … bringing stuffs from local shop.. blab la… Child labour …

Big discussion here…

Let me give the background of them… Both were from Duliajan,Assam.. Drunk dad died due to heavy consumption of alcohol.. Mom was so caring about her 4 children.. 2 boys and these 2 girls.. so for support she got married to another guy but bonding never lasted long..The guy was not at all one woman man… somehow their mom passed away and those 4 kids were left all alone.. Their selfish brothers left for Guwahati and then disappeared ..somehow Mr Mihu got them.. else they would be on roads…I cant imagine.. Hence they call Mr Mihu Booba.. means father… and Mrs Mihu Mother..

I seriously am against child labour but don’t you think often we face exceptions … what should we call this situation… where we should put Mr Mihu…I don’t want to reach in the final point… I just gave the background… Honestly Mr Mihu was GOD for them.. will tell some more interesting stories on next post…

Beautifully located Anini IB



Time to head to market.. for my return ticket.. Got the direction from Mrs Mihu..quite visible from IB.. walked long.. downhill and uphill… saw Mr Mihu’s road work.. he was doing a good job.. Thumps up

Kept on walking.. reached the market area.. few shops were there.. after asking saw the sumo counter… though I had asked the driver to book a good seta for me..but he had not done that :eek: so booked myself seat number 6 but did not gave money told them I would pay the day before traveling .. nothing much to venture in the market..I was dying to have meat coz long time no non veg…started looking for some chicken.. sadly on fish was available which was 400 per kilo…started walking back to the IB.. on the way took some pictures…

My legs were so tired.. so decided to take rest in IB.. In my mind it was there if no vehicles would be available next day I would walk upto Mipi … :eek:

When I reached IB I noticed Mrs Mihu and her friends were busy in playing cards..drinks in hands and lot of cash :eek: Lucky lady.. perhaps I met the very first lady in Arunachal who was not at all hard working like other ladies :p where his husband was super hardworking :D








From my window


Evening was spent drinking Oaken Glow and chitchatting with the workers who returned from their day’s work..

Around 8 PM those kids served dinner for me… Gobi masala, Rice dal and omlettet … I was thinking this had been being my regular food.. no other choice.. atleast I was getting food… came to room retired thinking tomorrow somehow need to reach Mipi…

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How do I know? Because in 2007 when I was selected in NTPC as Executive trainee, we were told that NTPC is planning two hydropower projects worth 5000 MW on these rivers named as Etalin & Attunli. Being a civil engineer, there were good chances of many of us getting posted there. However projects didn't took off. Now heard that Arunachal Govt. has formed some joint venture with Jindal Power to execute the projects

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Shekhar bhai... will provide the update in the next post... and here it is... That is not Tangon :)


OK I got Dri right. Remembering Dri is also not a bad effort after 7 years.:mrgreen::mrgreen:

Tangon is also in Dibang Valley, may be few miles here & there. Here's the proof. Taken from Jindal Power website. Earlier NTPC was to execute this project.

Etalin Hydroelectric Project, Arunachal Pradesh (3097 MW)
The project is being executed through the Etalin Hydro Electric Power Company Limited, a JV company of Jindal Power Limited and Hydro Power Development Corporation of Arunachal Pradesh Limited (A Govt of Arunachal Pradesh Undertaking).

The installed capacity of the project is 3097 MW as per the detailed project report. Etalin HEP is envisaged as a run of the river scheme on rivers Dri and Tangon in the Dibang Valley District of Arunachal Pradesh. It is the largest of the hydroelectric projects being currently developed in India.