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Ref. The Explosive Evolution of Hip-Hop in India


Class-Sikh, by Prabh Deep [click Reverse button on player until you get to track 1, otherwise it starts at track 5.]

Class-Sikh marks the much-awaited debut of Delhi-based hip-hop artist Prabh Deep. Produced by Sez, Class-Sikh is one of the most hotly anticipated releases in the Indian music circuit this year.

Gifted with a unique voice that contains traces of traditional Punjabi folk singers, Prabh Deep is widely acknowledged as one of the best underground MCs in the country.

Set in Tilak Nagar, Class-Sikh paints a vivid picture of growing up in a locality that's reeling from high unemployment rates and the recent influx of drugs in the community. The first three singles off the album - ‘Kal’, ‘G Maane’ and ‘Kal (Future)’ - have received widespread acclaim from press and fans alike.

released October 16, 2017.

Written and performed by Prabh Deep
Produced by Sez on the Beat
Released by Azadi Records
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Senior Billi
"While visiting my mother's hometown of Georgetown, Guyana last year I stumbled across an amazing cd store (pictured). I purchased as much as I could and forgot about this til very recently when my boy Heems texted me asking about it. Saying he'd spoken to my friend Adam, who was with me in Georgetown, and he'd mentioned the music that i'd bought.
So I decided to dig through, edit choice cuts and make a megamix.
Featuring a range of disco, Bollywood, Reggae, Soul, Dub, Rock, Rap. This is the multicultural landscape of Guyana.

Duniya - Dum maro Dum
Duniya - Kitne bhi tu Karle Sitam
Joseph Cotton - No Touch The Style
Psalms - (?) Dev edit
Bela & Changa - (?) Dev edit
Ashok Khare - (?) Dev edit
Dominic Weekes - Freestyle
Wayne Wonder - You Me and She
Eddy Grant - Time Warp
Eddy Grant - Boys In The Street
Jaal - Sona Sona Soniye
Bubu Re - Aap Mujhe Aache Lagne Iagi
The Telstars of Guyana - SOS
Waah! Tera Kya Kehna - Yeh Muhe Kya Hua
The Yoruba Singers - Long Grass
Devonte’s Dub Medley
Jhayee - Dear Land Of Guyana
Trevor Ranks - Guyanese Girls
Val Barnwell - I’d Give Anything