Todays song.


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I'm not surprised, the rents must be very high there. The restaurant looks high...Google images is not interested, but...many record shops elsewhere. Lot of links like "top record /crate-digging shops." Which show up when you click the one pic, Shah Music Center. ...hehheh, Indian English spelling is being converted by the internet.
PS: Although biscuit will never be converted.


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Bambounou - A mix of various birds talking to me

[download enabled - AIFF 993 Mb]
"[...] I am of course, also part of this social media game, and thought a bit about what I wanted to present within these messy times, I decided to compile a mix of birds singing to help relaxation.

Now that cities are running at idle speed, nature is slowly coming back through unexpected forms:

Butterflies can live their life without getting hit by a car, plants are retaking what is theirs and birds fly and parade in front of us, not nagging us but just beautifully expressing their freedom.

This mix idealises my dream journey in nature after lockdown, with all its phases, from apprehension to hope.

I hope you, like me, enjoy the original singers of this world.

This includes a recording I made at the botanical garden of Melbourne when I toured Australia in May 2018.


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Rhythmic Culture

We're taking it on a slightly different cut with this week's podcast. The mix is full of film scores, ranging from Dirty Harry
to Blade and Black Panther, curated by someone close to our hearts; HANN (50% of Mahabe137). In his own words: "This
set contains soundtracks, monologues and scores from movies that touched me deeply or played a huge role in my life."


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Audioslave - Show Me How to Live -

In the end (before going to bed):
In The End (Official HD Video) - Linkin Park -


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Heroes - I liked that a lot, I think it was the only David Bowie LP I had, my friend had the others.


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:rock: :rock:
ooh-ooh, I heard it through the grapevine...and I'm just about to lose my mind, honey honey yeh :rock:
:rock: it took me by surprise...
people say you hhurt from what you see, nah-nah not from what you hear... I can't help bein' confused...if it's true won't you tell me here...