Todays song.


Journey Never Ends....
Todays song: Jason Donovan- Sealed with a kiss..........

Though weve got to say goodbye for the summer
Darling, I promise you this
I'll send you all my love everyday in a letter
Sealed with a kiss
Yes it's gonna be a cold, lonely summer
But I'll fill the emptiness
I'll send you all my dreams everyday in a letter
Sealed with a kiss


and BTW yesterday's (last full week) song was, from Fanaa :

phir na hawayen hogi itani besharam
phir na dag mag dag mag honge yeh kadam
saawan yeh seedha nahi khufia bada
kuchh toh baraste hue keh raha
samjho na samjho na

- - - Updated - - -

Re-watched the movie day before yesterday evening.
This song is a full masti one, mandli mae glass lae kae beth jao, aek harmoniam, tabla, bas shuru ho jao :p
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