Toni da Dhaba - NH4


The Rafter
The costliest Dhaba that I have seen. Agree, they have a host of menu at their place, both veg and non veg, that too nicely tasty, but the prices are just too much.
ya i have been here but that was long back around in 2005 when i was pursuing my graduation degree from pune . nice food at the place. we had also been to alibaug via khapoli and pen nice ride.


went to toni da dhaba last week and the food was terribly disappointing
everytime when im in lonavala i eat at sheetal the dhaba, the prices are also much cheaper and the food is much better
the other over rated dhaba on nh4 is sunny da dhaba. the rates are even higher than toni da dhaba , however the food is better than toni da dhaba


I LIKED the food 5 years ago , BUT this year the Food quality has
gone down and The rates have gone up very markedly.
Best avoided now.

dnyanesh divekar

dr dnyanesh divekar
worst dhaba on old pune mumbai highway. but it was very high profile dhaba
before expressway.quality is really bad now a days with very high price.


The Pulsator...
Isn't this one of the twins - Veer Da Dhaba and Toni Da Dhaba. next to each other??
No dude the twins are (were as now both moved from their earlier location due to development work) Veer da Dhaba & Tinku da Dhaba...
Was a regular place for us in college days for a party as we could carry our own alcohol...


Nice place,Good tasty food with a lenghty Menu but but all Steeply priced...
the ambience is a nice,Goable...but also ag the overpricedness of the place i would also recomend Bhajansingh da Dhaba Just next to the 1st toll booth near Somatne nearing Pune