Toni da Dhaba - NH4

Tony da Dhaba, expensive, hyped up, overrated. Only the open atmosphere gets a +.
not exactly :) agreed its costly but not compared to the menu and taste they offer.

I am suprised that some of us had not so good food but again i believe it to be a matter of personal inetrest. (Taste and look are very individualistic)...

yes the open atmosphere is something really good rather the best part.


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tony da dhaba used to be more about the ambience and less about the food. And because of its location, bikers found it convenient for Mumbai-Pune P2P meets (pappu 2 pappu).

Nowadays, its better known to be a pickup joint on the wrong side of the law...totally down-market.

Jijaii is so much more convenient, great sandwiches and coffee.


A very good joint, but a very costly one. Not worth the cash to pay.:(
In fact all the so called "famous"/"popular" dhaba's on NH4 between Lonavala and Pune have gone so costly that it doesn't feel like eating at a Dhaba, its more like eating in restaurant of some 5-start hotel.
Thankfully there are still some places that can be called a dhaba as per their price.


just next to Toni da dhabha theres Babbi da 'dhabha'.

Amazing food, proper dhabha prices, quick service.

Trust me it is a much better place. My friends (nonveg lovers) say the gavran chicken (desi chicken) is the best they ever had. The veggie guys like me are not disappointing either. The owners are punjabi (sikhs) their punjabi food is authentic. The curd and the lassies are out of this world. Every time i had curd there i got reminded of my gaav.

Yes its not even 10% as jazzy as its neighbour, the ambience is not that great (read not like a typical restaurant) but it is an authentic dhabha and not pretentious either

Its a huge dhabha just adjacent to Toni (the so called dhabha). Hundreds (not joking) of trucks parked in the parking lot.

I love this place. Just give it a try once


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I agree and strongly categorize it as - costly, hyped and ruined place.

Its better to try other dhabas along the way- Sidhu Dhaba, ajay da Dhaba to name a couple.


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Over priced and greasy food. In fact the food tastes very similar to places within Mumbai. Plus, if I am not mistaken, they don't accept credit cards.


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Over priced and greasy food. In fact the food tastes very similar to places within Mumbai. Plus, if I am not mistaken, they don't accept credit cards.
I am from Poona and had visited Toni da dhaba just 2 months back. I did see boards there stating that they accept credit cards. The only positive part of this dhaba is spacious,good ambience and hygienic washrooms. Otherwise,its over hyped,over priced so called "Dhaba". It did not impress me at all.

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The fact of dhabas/hotels located between Poona and Mumbai ,be it on Expressway or old NH4 is that, they are located between two hep top level metro cities located so close to each other and add to it numerous hill stations and tourist spots. The hoteliers know that the crowd travelling between these two cities is highly affluent and thats a fact too. Got to see the high end car/ SUV / Volvo bus traffic on this route to believe it !!! This should be only such highway in our entire country if I am not wrong. But people like me also travel and Hoteliers should know that.. He he he.. I am yet to explore cheap and good dhabas on this Poona-Mumbai route. For now, on the Poona-Satara section of NH4 there are plenty of reasonably priced Dhabas/motels.

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Also,the old NH4 (4 laned highway) is maintained in a best shape by IRB ( guys who maintain Expressway as well) and the traffic on this road too is pretty high almost as much the Expressway.