Top 5 travelogues of 2009, nominations

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Mine are

1. Destination Unknown (Reason-- Its multidirectional in a single tour, uniqueness,very gutsy act with detailed information)
2. A different Spiti (Reason--Not as usual, really shown a different spiti)
3. STOK KANGRI...unending adventure (Reason--Very innovative writeup)
4. 20 days, 5000km... The tale of a wild wild ride on the roof of the world (Reason--Detailed log with mesmerizing pictures)
5. Andaman (Reason--Its different, its waterworld log, coral views etc)


Friends, I dont have 5 nominations, sorry. Been very busy to go dig the ones that I would actually put on the list if I did find them. But these here are the top ones that would make the cut.

1. STOK KANGRI -- my kind of trip. Sweat, hurt and tears. Felt bad the girls could not summit.
2. Different Spiti -- This is dreamy, free and enchanting. Everything seems perfect.
3. Har-ki-Dun & Juda lake Winter trek -- I think this is the first Har-ki-Dun trip that Amit and gang did and the one that opened my eyes to bcmt. Still waiting for Amit's latest travelogue.

roxxi, i couldnt have put it better myself ..... i feel the exact same way !....

...It takes time to collect the memories, specific details and photos of the trips... It takes courage to share your triumphs and let downs with others and that in itself deserves cheering on! Thank you all for your marvelous contributions!

My five personal picks are below for many different reasons but mostly for invoking and stoking my fire within. These five inspired my sense of wonder and reminds me that NOTHING is impossible. These are the trailblazers in every sense and their narration captures the imagination above and beyond others.
Thank you :)
big thank u !

My Nominations :

Destination Unknown


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1. Har-ki-Dun & Juda lake Winter trek: An adventurous Himalayan Siesta !!
2. A different Spiti
3. Destination Unknown...
4. STOK KANGRI ... unending adventure !
5. 20 days, 5000kms... The tale of a wild wild ride on the roof of the world!
Few of my favorite logs are already eligible for final round with huge margins of votes, like Praveen’s Destination unknown, Amit’s Dodital trek, Nidhi’s Stok kangri and Salil’s Different spiti. So here in last few hours I use opportunity to nominate few more good stories, which I would like to see in Voting round.

1. Kaushik’s…. The Southern Magic.. My trips in and around South India..
2. Roxxi’s…. Taos ski Valley log
3. Nabendu’s…. Andaman Trip
4. yogesh’s…. Khajuraho ride.
5. KD’s…. Kashmir ladakh at 40km/hr trip
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