Top bottled water brands, including Bisleri, contain plastic, finds study


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Top bottled water brands, including Bisleri, contain plastic, finds study.

The WHO said it will review the potential risks after a non-profit collective said more than 90% of bottled water bought in nine countries were contaminated.
The World Health Organization on Thursday announced it will review the potential risks of plastic in drinking water after an analysis of popular bottled-water brands revealed that more than 90% contained tiny pieces of plastic,
The Guardian reported.

An analysis of 259 bottles across 11 brands and 19 locations in nine countries, including India, found an average of 325 plastic particles for every litre of water being sold, non-profit collective Orb Media revealed. Scientists at the State University of New York in Fredonia had commissioned them to conduct the study.

“Sizes [of the plastic] ranged from the width of a human hair down to the size of a red blood cell,” Orb Media reported. “Some bottles had thousands. A few effectively had no plastic at all.” One bottle of Nestlé Pure Life had a concentration of more than 10,000 particles per litre.

Polypropylene was the most common type of plastic fragment found. The other plastic debris that were found are nylon and polyethylene terephthalate, which is used to make bottle caps. Apart from India, the bottles analysed were bought in from the United States, China, Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, Lebanon, Kenya and Thailand. Some of the bottled-water brands that were studied include Aqua, Aquafina, Bisleri, Dasani, Epura and Evian.

“In this study, 65% of the particles we found were actually fragments and not fibers,” microplastic researcher Sherri Mason, who led the study, told AFP. “I think it is coming through the process of bottling the water. I think that most of the plastic that we are seeing is coming from the bottle itself, it is coming from the cap, it is coming from the industrial process of bottling the water.”

A person who drinks a litre of bottled water a day might be consuming tens of thousands of microplastic particles each year, Orb Media’s findings suggested. “How this might affect your health, and that of your family, is still something of a mystery,” the collective said.

Source: Top bottled water brands, including Bisleri, contain plastic, finds study


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This looks like a serious health issue.
Plastic consumed over time could get accumulated inside and cause serious complications.

What can we now do when even the bottled water isn't safe?

Yogesh Sarkar

The sad reality is, we have destroyed our environment and polluted our air and river. It is no longer a question of drinking or breathing anything pure. It is about choosing the less polluted option. And that is what we do, when we choose to drink packaged water instead of tap water or water available at restaurants.

Because at the end of the day, the water available at quite a few places is much worse. In fact even in Delhi, I have had to switch back to packaged water at home, after using tap water for a year, because sewage water is getting mixed in water supply and no household water purifier is going to remedy that!


Bottled Water is considered as Amrit (Nectar) !
Now this also polluted with plastic scrap.
What can be done now ?

Have a big gallon of 20 litres one.
Use it with normal gravity filter.
Then use it.
Normally ceramic / fibre candles will be choked this way.

Yogesh Sarkar

The only issue, as far as I know, you aren't supposed to filter the bottled water, since it essentially RO water and there is some issue with filtering RO water.

Yogesh Sarkar

I have a feeling all those expensive mineral water companies eg. Himalaya will come out with their even more expensive glass bottle mineral water.