ToyCar joins family -- Tata Tiago XZA ( Petrol, with AMT)


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@SHEKHAR 257 :
ARAI figure for Dzire(P) 2015 is 21 kmpl.

It is not impossible to beat ARAI figures, but that can't be done every other day.
Few years back, I extracted 16kmpl from Hyundai Accent Executive Petrol in Delhi city roads, and 19+ kmpl on highways with some 80-90-ish speeds.
This car was known for low mileage. Usual FE figs are just 11-12 in city and 15 on highways.

With Tiago, I am trying hard to see how much I can extract before getting it serviced (1st) but not able to extract anything above 20kmpl on MID. ARAI claims 23-24kmpl for this. I know it'll improve after getting serviced, but that will not make much of a difference IMO.


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ARAI declared mileage I have exceeded on small distance ranging 100-150 km stretch, with one or two people in the car.
It is not practical to expect to exceed during normal city or highway traffic.


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Performance Update (1000+ KMs):

After crossing 1000 KMs on odo I revved it slightly hard to 3.5-4K in each gear (in manual mode), and it leaped forward like a car with potent engine.
Engine sounds a bit coarse (3-cyl drawback), but performs well. Touched 120kmph for a second, and it didn't felt scary. With so much of bulk, it felt well planted on a smooth straight road. Till 80-90kmph you won't feel that you are going that fast!

Threw the car a bit into sharp corners of few cloverleaf turns of flyovers, and it does have a slight body roll but nothing scary. XZA variant comes with wider 175mm tyres which must be a factor in nice grip around the corners.

Difference between City Automatic and Sports Automatic modes is getting more pronounced. City mode is good for a regular drive, and Sports mode is getting more eager with engine clocking in more KMs. Manual mode is best for enthusiasts who want to thrash the tiny engine for getting the best out of it! :grin:


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First dent!
On a safely parked car!!

Got a call from office reception that your parked car has been hit by a car driven by some lady employee of our office.
I gulped down half a liter of cool water before moving out. Met with 'culprit' at reception, and she was apologizing and willing to pay for all damages. I just could not utter a word for full 01 minute. Went down to check the damage, and the first word which came out of my mouth was obvious. Yes, I am a Delhiite. :grin:

Left headlamp and left corner of front bumper were scratched badly and paint came off from atleast 4 places. Bumper came out slightly from left edge, but got placed properly in its slot again with a hard punch.

Will see in evening about what can be done to this damage.

I was not wrong in forming an opinion about lady drivers in Delhi-NCR. :mad:
She could not park driving straight into slot meant for reverse parking only.

Now I'm afraid of how my wifey will manage with it (read me), as it is her first car and I was expected to hand it over to her after running it in properly till first service. :eek:
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Nice, Nice....... :)

So how easy do you find tiago compared to say WagonR when it comes to managing in trafic and parking etc.
I am asking because both cars are way different dimensions.


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Nice, Nice....... :)

So how easy do you find tiago compared to say WagonR when it comes to managing in trafic and parking etc.
I am asking because both cars are way different dimensions.
Tiago is wider than WagonR by almost 6 inches. Thus obvious hiccups with it. Due to its increased width, Tiago needs slightly more cautious approach while negotiating dense traffic. WagonR, due to its straightened side-body profile is easier to drive through tight gaps in traffic.

Driving a 4-cylinder WagonR (new ones are 3-cylinder again) is much more appealing to me. No matter it's almost a decade old car, but the engine response is still much more peppier than Tiago's 3-cylinder engine.

Noise/vibrations from engine are much lower in WagonR. But, "sound deadening" is miles ahead in Tiago. Didn't expected this from a Tata; thus very happy to drive it in slow moving traffic.

In short, for driving comfort it's Tiago; more so with AMT.
For negotiating traffic enthusiastically and peppier engine response, my old WagonR with 4-cylinder engine. :)

The only thing which bothers me in Tiago is its engine noise from outside. Since nothing is heard inside the cabin, it doesn't feels like a trouble!


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1st Service Update:

ToyCar went for its 1st Free Service at approx 1200KMs after exact 2 months under my hands.
Service was done at Concorde Motors-Mathura Road (Delhi), next to erstwhile Hyundai Motor Plaza.

Zero-bill. Nothing major to be attended, but I carried a list of two dozens points to be checked. :grin:

They took 8 hours to deliver it back to me. And I wasted my whole day in their stupid waiting lounge, saving grace was chilling AC (in lounge only).

Of 25 odd things to be checked, they didn't do anything for atleast 20 of them. :mad:
Gave a poor rating, and now they are following up on phone. Recited the same story to atleast half-a-dozen CCEs. Stopped taking their calls now!

Will look for another Authorised Service Station for next service.


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3 pages still no pics. Not fair.

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I am not so much into clicking pics. Will try to click some in free time and post here.

I posted one pic on last page. It's an Orange colored Tiago (Sunburst Orange, as per Tata!) :)
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So what is the impression now. How easy is it to negotiate in traffic.
I friend is buying Waggy and I am pushing him hard to to switch to Tiago. Manual or AMT, his choice.

But I see tiago to be a super VFM in each case.