Transportation by GATI - Mumbai-Chandigarh / Srinagar - Mumbai

Yogesh Sarkar


I called up Gati today and they said per Kg rate coming out of Srinagar would be 23 Rs / Kg which comes to a whopping 7K for a 200Kg bike when u add up all the taxes....Rest of the cities they charge 11Rs Kg...
Any experienced folks who have done so, can you please let us know of the approx rates that you guys paid....
Present rate I have is..

Blr-Del - 3.5K
Sri - Blr - 7K
In that case, either ship the bike to Jammu or Pathankot. It will just mean one extra day, that way.
Called up GATI and they need a NOC from local RTO in Mumbai. What is the procedure for getting the same and how much time it takes?

Also need information on if we need to provide a destination address in Chandigad? or can we pick up the same from GATI's godown? Need to confirm this since we don't have any contacts in Chandigad to offload the bikes. I got conflicting answers when I called GATI at different times on this issue.

Any pointers on this would be helpful..


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This GATI peoples are making rules on their own.While NOC is not required in Bangalore to dispatch bikes,it is required in Chennai!:eek:.I had sent my bike last September from Bangalore to Delhi for our Ladakh trip,but they didn't ask about NOC or delivery address in Delhi.I collected my bike from their Godown.

If they ask NOC then you have to collect it from the RTO where the bike had registered.You have to fill a form with pencil tracing of the Engine no and Chesis No on it.Submit it and you should get it within few days.