Transportation of Gypsy from Siliguri to Karnataka


Namastey to all motor enthusiasts, I am
a new member from Karnataka & this is my first post . Iam very excited for having joined this amazing group.

I have two thing to ask
1) I am buying a Gypsy King from my friend who is in Siliguri , so can I get information on the transportation & cost as I am not planning to drive down.

2) As my friend is in Army he got it auctioned & registered in PB , but now re register in Karnataka I need NOC which not the problem but he does not have invoice of vehicle ( agent says that’s important for calculation of road tax ) , which he had submitted to RTO in Mohali while transferring from Army to his name .. is there any other option to get re registered in Karnataka without the invoice .

*** Iam a specially abled person & am driving a modified Yeti . So my RC card says CLASS :INVCRG ( Invalid Carriage) where in I have been waved off from road tax as per rules while I brought my New Yeti in 2016, so will I get road tax waiver even on my Gypsy which am trying to re register.


Mediocre me
Many people loose invoce.

I heard, not sure, that most RTO have a calculator for depreciation on standard models from exshowroom price of sale year.

They can always come to a ballpark figure with online listed price.