Travel Agents in Ladakh

Yogesh Sarkar

Here is a complete list of registered travel agents in Ladakh along with their phone numbers, which are recognized by the LAHDC and Tourism Department.

For those planning to get their permit made in advance, most if not all of these travel agents ought to be able to help you out with it.


John Mathai

john-the wanderer
So may agents there in Leh...???:eek:
It's very useful info for those not intends to venture there on their own...:)

Yogesh Sarkar

As far as I know, travel is the primary source of employment in Ladakh (apart from farming, government and army of course).

Yogesh Sarkar

You don't need any agent. You can get permit from Gulaba check post, en route to Rohtang Pass. Permit is available there 24x7.


Thanks Yogesh! This is really a nice improvement. So, I understand its like a toll ticket. Just take the permit at the check post and proceed. Not like before where we had to take it in advance.