Travel from Indore (MP) to Ballary (Karnataka)

Hi Guys,
I am planning to travel from Indore to Ballary by bajaj avenger street 150, How is the road conditions (NH52) ? and please suggest best route and safety tips


I assume, You are going only after Lockdown opens and Interstate Traffic is allowed.
Otherwise, they are sending people coming from outside to Quarantine of 2 weeks.

@deepam / @uturn / others can guide better.

Google Map DIrections:
Indore to Ballari
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HI Krishnan,
To Answer your question on NH 52, I do not know the status from Dhule to Aurangabad. From Aurangabad to Osmanabad, one side of the road seems to be complete and has lots of diversions.
Osmanabad to Sholapur is butter smooth Road.
Indore to Ballari
I believe above is the Road you're looking at!

From Indore to Ballari, through out getting a buttersmooth road will be challenge.

Alternatively you can look via Nagpur and Hyderabad. This will be close to 300 km extra,. Nagpur to TS border, you better do during day before 4 PM.
Indore to Ballari
TS Border to Kurnool is butter smooth. Though Hyderabad has ORR, bikes are not allowed on the ORR [4 wheelers and above only are allowed]. So you need to take Service Road along ORR [which is really pain as there are lot of speed breakers] or you need to travel through city.
From Kurnool to Aspare the road is 2 lane in good condition from Aspare to KA border road is not smooth. KA border to Ballari is smooth road.

So my advise is stick to travel via NH52 and plan enough break and rest.
I hope this helps.
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