Travel Help Needed : Dehradun to Pune on Wheels


Hey guys, hitting back to roads after very very long time for a solo travel again. However this time its a very long route, with a different vehicle and different fuel (from my previous travels) and plan to cover almost half way of India from Himachal to Maharashtra. I am writing this post to gather information on certain points and tips which are always on back of our mind before we plan any road trip.

Solo Traveller
Vehicle Sedan
Registeration UK07
Fuel Diesel

Plan in first week of OCTOBER

Info I wish to gather:
1. Best and Safest Route
2. How to divide the time ( I wish to cover entire distance in three days time, is ti possible to cover it in two)
3. Safety Tips
4. Any information regarding Speed Limits on routes?
5. Any specific Road Rules in Rajasthan or Gujrat or Maharashtra
6. Any personal contact or any BCMT Member who wish to share there contact on the route in case of emergency (please DM me)

So lets roll...

Starting Point: Dehradun, Uttarakhand.
Destination: Pune, Maharashtra.

Route Options:
1. Dehradun > Jaipur >Ratlam > Indore > Dhule > Nashik > Pune

2. Dehradun > Kurukshetra > Hissar > Churu > Makrana > Ajmer > Udaipur > Godhra > Vadodara
> Bharuch > Valsad > Vapi > Mumbai > Pune

3. Dehradun > Delhi > Jaipur > Kota > Ratlam > Ghatabillo d > Manpur> Gujri > Dhamnod > Thikri > Dhule > manmad > Chandwad > Pune

4. Dehradun > Kurukshetra > hissar > Churu > Merta > Pali > Ahemadabad > Vadodara > Surat > Mumbai > Pune ( Default Route suggested by GOOGLE MAPS)

So will be awaiting for Suggestions of all of you for best and safest route to start with and with Road Status.



@Highway Apostle You made a longer trip sir, gone through your travelogue. Noted your route, Your suggestions !! and travel tips.

You made a note of telling about issues with vehicle, i could,nt find it anywhere, if you can share me link for the same.
what all preparations you did for the trip.


I would prefer route 1 with a night halt at Jaipur and Dhule reaching Pune on 3rd day. Doing this in 2 day would be difficult because of heavy traffic between Delhi-Jaipur and Nasik-Pune.
Noted any other suggestions?

Why specifically this route?

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Chandigarh to Gujrat road is good. In Gujrat NH48 road in under construction you will face diversion everywhere.
Gujrat to Maharashtra road in under construction. Be careful on that road. Once you enter in Maharashtra road is good.
Can you tel me that in gujrat which all stretches are under construction?? I mean between which cities

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Check this for some detail:



A discussion bis going on today:

I have to do Delhi to Ahmedabad in 2nd week Dec, So was just checking routes, and Google Maps suggests this route. How is this route, has it been developed into a 4 lane divided road ? Plan to do a night halt at Ajmer, which has army units.

Answered by Expert:

4 laned from beawar to ADI, till beawar 6 laned. You will encounter traffic after Palanpur, beware of unmarked speed breakers once you enter GUJ. Rest all is butter smooth.


What are alternative Routes for fast and safe move ?


via Beawar-Bali-Rajasmand-Udaipur-Shamlaji-Ahmedabad

or via

or via

After having tried all the routes, the fastest I find is via Beawar-Bali-Udaipur-Shamlaji-Ahmedabad. This is a part of Del-Mum route, which i take 4 times a year.

So this is what you suggest for fastest, and you do it multiple times.

no, beawar-rajasmand-Udaipur is the old NH-8.


is this the fastest ? have corrected it :

so basically they have made the old highway from Ajmer to Udaipur into a 4 laned divided highway...


yessir but please be aware:

* this involves driving on 2 laned undivided road for about 100 kms between Beawar and Rajasmand.

* This route is very scenic though, passes thru couple of towns.

* Udaipur-Shamlaji stretch is under construction for 6 Laning from current 4 lanes. Quite a few diversions but well marked.

Even after all this, the stretch has been the fastest and the shortest (by kms).
If you want to drive on smooth roads, which is a bit longer, please take Palanpur-Sirohi route.

option 2 and 3 are 4-laned divided highway throughout.
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