Travelogue of the Year and Best Travelogues of 2012


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congrats to all by heart with full respect .... cheers :partyman:
we should start award ceremony by next time with some out location ride... every member of BCMT is winner for past year 2012 and keep the same for 2013...

yogesh san: when can we have a official ride !!!

Yogesh Sarkar

Home page slider images have been updated with this year’s winners. If you are still seeing old images, you will need to clear your browser cache.
After a month long exercise of nominations, voting and deliberation by the moderation team, we finally have 12 travelogues, we feel are the best travelogues of 2012.
Best travelogues by region and categories, chosen by the moderation team are:

GREAT CONGRATS................
ALL WINNERS.................

I am happy to see that Category wise these travelogues are chosen and
Winners are Selected.
1 Chief Winner....................
And Category Winners...............

I know How difficult is to write a Log and select Pictures to present.
Even after Selecting text and Pictures to post, other hurdles are there.
Many of us are not familiar with the technicalities involved
and nor have so much courage to open our heart.
In which part of Forum to post, how to post and what to post.
Even if these are well written in particular Beginners section or
PM is received from Administrator about how & what, where etc. to do in this forum.

Even I never know what a forum is and
do not know how to write, even a post till I landed here and read the Travelogues.
You can check my 1st post.
This is very Childish / Noob type of post.

Now I can understand things better, but not that efficient to get what I want.

Now I know / understand that a Forum is format on Internet to share your experiences.

Thanks Mods for being Practical & Listening, according to the Situations.
This is the only thing that makes this forum THE BEST in India & Abroad.
Leaders work this way only.
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