Travelogue of the Year and Best Travelogues of 2013

Yogesh Sarkar

Choosing travelogue of the year has never been an easy affair and it seems to be getting tougher each year with quality as well as quantity of travelogues posted on BCMTouring going up every year. So after a lot of deliberations, we have finally managed to pick the winner of this year’s travelogue of the year as well best regional and category travelogues and they are:

Travelogue of the year: One Month Family Trip to Xinjiang, China's Central Asia and incredible Tibet by kshil

Best travelogues by region and categories:

Hearty congratulations to the authors of winning travelogues and a big thanks to all BCMTians, who nominated their favorite travelogues and made our jobs a bit easier :).


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Congratulations to all the winners.
Double congratulations to Sanjay and Kaushik (da(s)) for double wins.

Keep travelling more and keep sharing more.

John Mathai

john-the wanderer
Congratulations, all winners. We expect the same level of performance from you all in the coming years as well... :)


Hearty congratulations to all the winners.. Keep rocking and keep travelling to share with us more of your adventures..