Travelogue of the Year and Best Travelogues of 2013


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Hi to all friends.

I came to BCMT after sometime and was glad to see my T'logue mentioned in the winners list. Thank you all for considering it worthy of being there. And a special thanks to "Ind" who pointed out about my log for the first time.

I also love to see my friend "Khagesh's" log in the list. Congrats Khagesh!

And congrats to all other BCMTians who have made it to the list.

Cheers :)


Congratulations to all BCMTians and outstanding travelogues.

It has been a very very good experience going through so many travelogues making the readers be part of their journey. An enriching, learning, thrilling, adventurous experience while reading the travelogues. I thank all BCMTians and the administrators who have taken immense effort in maintaining this site and the authors who have been putting their effort in sharing their interests, knowledge and the experiences making us feel part of their journey.

Not to forget this: I did watch "Highway" and the excitement, of knowing the places the movie traverse, is amazing. Big thankyou to all Himachal Pradesh travelogue authors...I felt as though I have gone through those places whilst watching the movie.

Once again kudos to the efforts by each and everyone!!!...

Good Luck to everyone...
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Somehow I missed this thread. I just noticed it.

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you all who took part in helping the administrators to take the decision.

I am obliged to express my gratitude who supported me, inspired me, guided me. When I undertook my journey on my bike to Leh, I was just chasing my dream, never thought that my travelogue would appear on the homepage of BCMT. So did everyone I suppose. Just did the trip, and relived the trip by narrating it in the travelogue with an aim that others might benefit as I was benefited. Never thought of the pictures quality, never re-read what I wrote to improve or run a spell checker or grammar etc. Yet, the travelogue was nominated and voted which testifies the true travel spirit of this forum which humbles me further.

As Anup Sir and other wise members mentioned, its the readers who motivate (or is it endure?) the travellers to write and these readers share the glory and they are rather more glorified.

As mentioned earlier there might be many more untold stories, unknown travellers who might have undertaken journeys which might be more adventurous or great in many respects, yet, not here in the forum or did not write or could not write a travelogue. To cite an example, I read on this forum, someone spending the entire winter, all alone, stuck in the snow and ice. This man could not write a travelogue, no photographs even. Yet, he inspired many. Our feelings are with them too.

Thank you everyone once again.


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Congratulations to all the winners, congratulations to BCMT for having these gems added to it year after year, and congratulations to all the members who get to read, experience and enjoy every moment of these awesome travels. You make what we are today!


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IMHO, the chosen threads should be given 5 stars, with a different coloured stars rather than the usual ones, so that one can easily understand that they are special.

Also, they might be made sticky for one year, as a token of appreciation. :)


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Also, they might be made sticky for one year, as a token of appreciation. :)
They already are Soumitra, You can see these logs in BCMT home page, a great honor for all these logs for one full year to be figured in BCMT home page :)


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i was away while the results were declared..not surprised a bit.. all the winners are deserving and all the logs selected are masterpieces. A big thumbs up to the mods and admin who had their task cut out with some tough decision making, such was the standard of logs this year, particularly in the International Log section, which was a revelation during the last year. I sincerely hope that this trend continues and we are treated to some mind blowing destinations, photographs and logs not only from the usual suspects but also from fresh faces.

Congratulations to all the winners :)
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