Travelogue of the Year and Best Travelogues of 2013


Congratulations to all the Winners... Wonderful to see so many winners here.

And as aptly mentioned by Anupam Sir that the Readers are the Real Winners.. So beautifully crafted Tlogs.. Thank you so much for the Treat and as we all say here "Continue the Best Work and BRING IT ON"....


Pareesh Trehan

Pareesh Trehan
Hearty congratulations to all of the winners. They not only made the things interesting but informative too. We hope that neither their spirits stop nor the pens.
Keep winning all the winner Friends.



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The winning entries reflect the common likes of all BCMTiians.

Congratulations to all the winners. :)

We have bigger expectations for next year.... :grin:


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While taking the pride, we are also humbled by the experiences of the people, who really experienced the true adventure, not by choice but by chance, for their survival, not pushing themselves to extremes, but being pushed, as a part of their lifestyle.

I remember, very long ago, once while travelling on a local train I saw a photograph in some magazine, of a Ladakhi Lady, a refill of gas cylinder, carrying on her back, typical of mountain load carrying. And the story ran something like, she was carrying this gas cylinder to her home which is two days walk through gorges, river crossings etc! Cant imagine myself carrying such a weight not even for half a Km at that altitude especially.

And then I read the story on BCMT ; no photographs, no posers, no teasers, no masti. Yet, when you come across these incidents and comparing ourselves as winners of travelogues, where really do we stand? Its something to be delved.

We humbly accept the recognition with complete awareness that there are many people who have experienced more, much more adventure, yet their names do not appear in the travelogues, forums, in whos who, the unknown.


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Great.. Congratulations to all those who have won and to all those who have written as they have given a lot of inputs to peer BCMTians and thus helping them to travel. Looking forward for some ( infact a lot of ) great logs and unwandered destinations this year. Good luck to one and all.............