Trek from Harsil to Chitkul via Lamkhaga Pass


If you can dream---and not make dreams your master;
If you can think---and not make thoughts your aim,
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two imposters just the same ...
We met both the imposters on the trek from Harsil to Chitkul. Having heard a lot about this trek - Beautiful, Scenic, Lovely, Absorbing, ...... we had been yearning to go on this trek for long and then it was finally given a go ahead. The Lamkhaga Pass trek is supposedly a beautiful green trek which starts from a beautiful location Harsil (Uttarkhand) and after passing through equally stunning valleys and ends in calm scenic village of Chitkul (Himachal Pradesh).


The trek route

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Heard about this trek in Chhitkul. Local folks go to Gangotri through this route.
Want to know more about it & what better than a treklogue.


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Sounds like good adventure and photographs coming up soon! Waiting...


We reached Uttarkashi, did some last minute shopping and were joined by the guide & the porters. For this trek one requires inner line permit from DC Office, Uttarkashi. Unfortunately for us, CM was visiting that day and the officers were busy and the next day was a holiday. Thus, some precious days were lost in Uttarkashi trying to get the formal permission, from local authorities.

Meanwhile, the incessant rains in Uttarkashi hinted that all would not be well in the higher reaches of the expedition. Our guide also informed that this year the snowfall had been heavy and chances were that we may find snow in most of the camps. Finally we could leave Uttarkashi after three days. The fatigue of unwanted delay was washed off by a hearty hot spring shower at Ganganani.

On reaching Harsil we realised how beautiful the place was, the same place did not look that beautiful when we had passed through it on our way to Gangotri.

Some views of Harsil :



Unfortunately one of our co-participant fell ill in Harsil. We spent a couple of days hoping for recovery of his health, but when he did not show any improvement he was sent back to Delhi