Trek from Harsil to Chitkul via Lamkhaga Pass


Going to Neverland
Lal Dhang trail looks treacherous :shock:

a wonderful log with beautiful captures, kudos for the effort

Jasdeep Singh

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WHAT a treat!!!
Just Loved it!
Thanks for sharing this VPS.
Recently, have started dreaming to do such treks as well.
I am thinking of starting with Pin Parvati pass, looking to find limited budget way to do..

Yes obviously anyone can do it, all you need is determination & sheer willpower. How your body will adapt to the conditions is not in your control but if your body responds well to high altitude, then the rest is determination to do it. Though physical fitness would be an additional asset and if you are fit you will be able to do do it easily. But I would recommend that one should first start with easier treks, then go for enduring ones :)
Your words are moral booster for novices!!


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Great narration,amazing pictures.I have never heard of this "way" of reaching Chitkul ;)One of a kind of a trek....congrats!


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loved the narration, great courage, what a trek to complete, bow down to u and ur team. really v.good photographs to accomplish the narration.
thanks for sharing,
dr.(major)lms negi


too good !
although I want to do it.. but mind is calling me names even for thinking about it ... lol :mad:

you guys did too good... and hats off to you !