Trek from Harsil to Chitkul via Lamkhaga Pass


Day 8 : The risky zone : Next day we decided to leave early otherwise the river/stream which we had to cross may swell. This river was crossed near the point it meets Baspa. After crossing the river we were greeted by a Hawaldar from ITBP, to whom we presented our credentials. He told us that they had started this camp at Nithal Thatch only a couple of days earlier & we were the first ones to open the pass for the season :p. He also informed us that the trail ahead would be marked and fine. He also told us that they had placed a ladder permanently near the camp to cross the river. If it had come to our knowledge earlier we would have not risked crossing the river as we did & would have certainly used the ladder. We also met a army team here, who were going to the border to see if everything is fine. The Hawaldar took a note of our names & told us that it would inform the post at Dhumti. The border is very near from this place, maybe around 5 kms.
Then we started off to our last campsite.

Crossing the river

With Army Team

On the way to Dhumti






After around 15 kms we reached the Dhumti Post of ITBP. The officer there as well as the jawans were happy to see us there. We were the only fresh faces they had noticed here at the camp in this season

ITBP Dumti



Our guide informed that we would camp ahead of Lal Dhang around 3-4 kms from here. The ITBP treated us with juice, tea & biscuits. Our friend too had his bandage changed. After a rest of around half an hour we moved ahead. The trail on Lal Dhang was very bad, it would be wrong to even call it a trail. Lal Dhang mountain is full of land slides & its even difficult to keep both feet together. It is very difficult to walk on the track, one has to be extremely cautious, with fear of land slide on one side, Baspa flowing 200 mts below and us walking on this 75-80[SUP]o[/SUP] slope. Some times it even came to our mind that it would have been easier to cross back & go to Harsil :shock:. We had keep on moving as it is not possible to stop till we reach a proper trail out of land slide area. Despite of having a ITBP camp around, they haven't made a proper trail. The reason for this is that the trail breaks every couple of days due to land slides, then again a new trail has to be carved. If however a bridge can be made on Baspa near Dhumti then the trail would go through the opposite side which is much greener & the mountain is also solid. But who cares about these poor ITBP chaps or the poorer trekkers :grin:

The risky zone - Lal Dhang

CSC_0136 (2).jpg







We finally reached the campsite after trekking for around 6-7 hrs and around 20 kms. It was a greener area but bad weather followed us here also. As soon as we pitched our tents, it started raining and it rained all night

The campsite






We woke up prepared for the last day of our trek. But in the back of minds we had the fear - if this was Lal Dhang then what would Kachi Dhang be - whose name itself suggests of the quality of mountain :twisted:
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