Trek to Everest Base Camp- Solo - Jan 2018


DAY6 (2Jan, 2018): Namche Bazzar to Lukla:
I slept like a log and woke up fresh. Sun was out, beautiful day but still cold. I planned to take it easy today because there was enough time to reach Lukla.
After having good breakfast of Tibetan bread, jam and butter with cup of tea, started my journey back to Lukla at 10am.
Last day on EBC trail …….
There are steep incline/decline near Namche called Namche steps. It has it’s own challenges while going up or down. Going up on these steps is very tough & tiring and going down had risk to slip. Any kind of injury is bad on this trek.
As I was approaching Lukla, dark clouds were gathering and soon (~3pm) it started snowing. My concern was tomorrow’s fight from Lukla to Kathmandu which is known for unpredictable delays during bad weather.
I decided to stay near to airport at “The Nest”. It is a decent place to stay with good food. As soon as I entered The Nest, it started snowing heavily and worries about tomorrow’s flight was growing. Anyway It was beautiful view out there with hot coffee in hand, sitting next to Bukhari.
After dinner, went to bed, hoping there would be a flight.
Snowing had stopped during night and weather seems to clearing. Or I was imagining due to 5 days fatigue and hoping to be home soon.


Much needed rest at Namche Bazzar.

Kamal Hotel

Clean and & Beautiful Namche






Bye Bye Namche ....



Namche Steps ,


Last View ....


During Season , Yaks and hourses take major part of the trail...





Exiting Sagarmatha National Park..


Snowing at Lukla , Hoping I get my flight tomorrow ???



DAY7 (2Jan, 2018): Lukla to Delhi :

There were no clouds in the sky and runway was black. It looks that most likely flight should be operating today. Around ~7 am , heard flight landing J. Airport was 2 minutes walk from The Nest. Walked to airport and Check-in for 9am flight. I would be home this evening. At that time I had very strange feeling which was satisfaction of completing the EBC trek fast enough without issue and leaving this place so soon …

You leave a place to come back again ……

Everything worked well after that, reached Kathmandu around 9:30am, my Delhi flight was at 1pm.

I reached home ~5pm after going through all Delhi traffic , noise , smog smell. All the way I was thinking about where were I, at this time yesterday, day before yesterday and new year eve.
Thank you for reading ……


Everest Base Camp Trek:


  • One way approx. 60 KM including Kala Pathar . Total 120KM
  • Trek Start at 2800mt from Lukla to EBC ( 5300mt ) and Kala Pathar ( 5600mt)
  • Total Ascend /Decent ~7000mt/7000mt
  • Recommended Trekking upto EBC days 8-9 days depending on acclimatization., return 3 days.
  • Lukla- EBC-Kala Pathar- Lukla – Approx. 12 days assuming no weather disturbances
Facilities & Logistics:

  • Guide and potters are available from Kathmandu or Lukla or Namche bazar.
  • Guide approx.. US$50/day , Food may be extra depends on your agreement
  • Potter approx.. US$30/day , Food may be extra depends on your agreement
  • Food & Drinks are available with multiple choices includes Nepalese food, Noodles, pasta, chicken , all kind of soft and hard drinks , beer.
  • Food cost approx.. US $10-15 /meal/day. Breakfast+Lunch +Dinner cost ~ US$20-30/day/person
  • Bottled water costs US$1-4 as you go up.
  • Normal water is free and you get water purification tables at Kathmandu.
  • Accommodation :
  • Basic Accommodation (Called Teahouses) is available at regular intervals 2-3 hours walk. As you go up close to EBC , it will be available at interval of 3-5 hours walk.
  • Accommodation will cost US$4 /night or free at Given tea house , with condition, that you have all your meals at same tea house where you stay.
  • Accommodation is very basic with 2 bed room or dormitory with common toilet. Cleanliness depends on number of tourists at given time.
  • Hot bath is available at few places at cost of US$4-5/person
  • Mobile charging/Wifi US$3/hour
  • Trekking Path:
  • Trekking path is mostly with stones with lot of dust and animal ( Horse/Yak) bio waste.
  • Close to EBC , trek is over big stones and Glaciers under the stone ( 2-3 Km close to EBC)
  • 20% trek is with stones but dust is there which is blown by high wind/trekkers and animal movement.
  • Challenge is trekking to EBC, rest of the support/logistics are easy to manage
  • Trek Directions are well marked and understandable , some confusion close to EBC but help is available.
  • Trek gradient can go upto 16+ degree . Some sections are very steep.
  • Network :
  • 4G till Namche Bazar
  • Later 3G or 2G
  • At EBC SMS/Call or 2G depending on traffic. Working on Solar, Starts after1 hour sun rise and closes before 1 hour before sun set. Bad weather no Network.
  • Weather:
  • Extremely cold in Dec/Jan down to -25C without wind chill factor but Dry.
  • Snow is mid Jan to Feb
  • Generally Trek is open 12 months with reduced facilities.
  • Best months Mar,Apr, May and Oct. , Nov . But traffic is very heavy and accommodation may be an issue if travelling solo. Guide /potters are helpful in these cases.

- .Rough Cost:

  • Ticket to Kathmandu. ( For Indians no Visa required, for others visa on Arrival cost ??)
  • One or More night stay at Kathmandu
  • Kathmandu-Lukla-Kathmandu Flight US$ 250-300, depens on Season.
  • Higher side cost/day /person on trek US$40
  • Potter and Guide Extra.
  • People:-
  • Nepalese people are wonderful , Kind and helpful.
  • Did not sense any security issue.
  • English/Hindi is common.

My Trip Statistics:
  • Solo Trekking , without Guide or potter. No issue with directions or accommodation.
  • Trek Lukla to EBC , 2.7 days without Acclimatization or rest day , Thanks to our Manali-Leh-Khardung:La cycling trips.
  • Weight carried 12kg + 2 water bottles. This weight included multiple backups for worse, This weight can be reduced to 7KG depending on weather and planning
  • Return 1.5 days ( Long day)
  • 2 Nights at GorakShep ( 3 KM from Kala Pathar and EBC) . GorkShep is only place to stay at EBC.


Lukla Airport Check-in



Reached Kathmandu :)



A Terrible Traveler!
Excellent log. Glad you did without guide or porter.

May I ask about your diet? What did you eat during your trek. Like Bfast/Dinner/Lunch or anything else. Did you carry anything to eat?