--Trek To Panchachuli Base Camp - Darma Valley--

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Two years back, I was just casually surfing the net and reading random travelogues posted by numerous trekkers, I was just hoping across the logs then came the moment when my eyes glued on one such image which totally blew my mind. I just got curious and shazamed google to get to know more about it.

It was Keeda Jadi or Yarsa-Gumba

<KEEDA JADI> (Pic Taken By Me on 21st October-2018)

--In India, Darma valley was one such area where Keeda Jadi can be found in abundance, that too around Panchachuli Peaks. When I closely looked at the amount of trek it takes to get to that place, I quickly shrugged off my idea of travelling/trekking to that region. It was a total trek of 61 KM one side.

To me, Panchachuli peaks always looks very fascinating and they Indeed are. I always had this curiosity to be at the base of those peaks and shout out loud as an act of showoff "Boss I am at the base of those peaks which you can see from the windows of every corner of your Houses in Kumaon". Making/Trekking up to that place was like a dream Until last year when I came across with one such Beautiful Hindi Blog on Darma Valley. From the writer of that blog, I immediately inquired about the place and how tough it was to reach to the base camp. He told me that the new road has been constructed from Sobla till Dantu-Dugtu (Last Two Villages of Darma Valley). Now, panchachuli base camp will only be a two hour trek away (3 KMs - Zero Point).

My mind quickly snapped that statement which otherwise works abnormal. So the plan for Panchachuli ignited and I got successful in making one on (19th-20th-21st-22nd October-2018) with three of my college buddies.

Road from Dharchula to Dugtu-Dantu Village , follows the same road that goes to Kailash Mansarovar, but gets diverted from Tawaghat towards left and enters the beautiful and picturesque Darma Valley.

--Route We Followed--

Day1: 19th-October

Ghaziabad - Moradabad - Rampur - Rudrapur - Khatima - Tanakpur - Champawat - Lohaghat (Stay At Mt. Abbot, TRH)

Day2: 20th-October
Lohaghat - Pitthoragarh - Jauljibhi - Dharchula - Tawaghat - Sobla - Sela - Nagling - Baling - Dugtu - Dantu (HomeStay)

Day3:- 21st-October
Dantu - Dugtu - Panchachuli Base Camp - Dugtu - Sobla - Tawaghat - Dharchula (Stay at KMVN-Dharchula)

Day4:- 22nd-October
Dharchula - Pitthoragarh - Ghat - Danya - Dhanachuli - Kathgodam - Haldwani - Baazpur - Tanda - Moradabad - Ghaziabad

...to tease

<Panchachuli -2>

To Be Continued.....
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Amazing start. Eagerly waiting for the rest of T-log.
Looks like this is one trek where you can get to see a relatively tall peak without availing packages like TTH/Indiahikes etc.


Google failed to make me reach from Tawaghat to Dantu !

Google Maps

Sorry, we could not calculate directions from "Tawaghat, Uttarakhand" to "Dantu, Uttarakhand 262545"

tawaghat to Dantu.jpg

Though Satellite view shows road till Dantu:

Google Maps

On normal map Google shows road till Sabla only.
Even Chal is not reachable / showing not accessible by road !

Google Maps
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