Trip to an Offbeat destination in Vaayu - Janjehli

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As we wanted to visit a place less travelled/crowded somewhere into hills, Bhaderwah was in mind from a long time but visiting Kashmir valley is never so smooth for me and couldn't take any chance with family so dropped it and decided to go somewhere in Himachal.

Janjehli is the place we closely crossed in 2017 and found it very beautiful to spend some time there, chatted with couple of fellow HVKians too who were planning their trip somewhere into hills at same time to get tagged along but it didn't work out.

After having a family dinner in Desi Vibes (CP) on wife's birthday, we started next morning as follows.

24th May, Friday
Started early morning at 5 am from Faridabad, it started raining from Karnal onwards which continued till Bilaspur. Weather became pleasant due to rains and we loved the drive through some beautiful terrain. Since Janjehli is not a touristic place we found scenic views after Sundernagar. Road was dug up at two places just 2 kms before Thunag which killed our 2 hours, we came out of it with the help of local guy named (Prakash Chand Sharma) who gave us some insights of the place. He told us that CM of Himachal belongs to that place called as Tandi (another Tandi near Thunag).

Reached Janjehli at 7 pm, directly went to beautifully located PWD rest house which was available at the cost of 480/- per night but decided not to stay there for some reason. Checked couple of more places and found Hotel The Spot Valley a best place to check in.

Route taken: Faridabad - Delhi - Ambala – Roopnagar - Kiratpur - Swarghat - Bilaspur - Sundernagar - Chail Chowk - Bagsaid - Thunag - Janjehli.

550 kms in 15 hours.

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Gaurav Tomar

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25th May, Saturday
Got up early morning at 6 after a sound sleep and left for a quick walk around the place. Spent some time at Pandav Shila which has some historical relevance linked with Pandavas and then some time at the bank of river. Had some tea snacks and maggie and returned to hotel to start for Shikari Devi temple, 16 kms away from Janjehli.

Vinay, our hotel guy suggested to take a local taxi or local driver in our car for Shikari Devi due to bad road conditions but i denied for it and decided to drive on my own. First 10 kms till Raigarh was like cake walk but 6 kms after that was almost an off-road with rocks kissed underbelly of my Vaayu, slush, steep and very narrow to cross two vehicles at same time. We did this 16 kms in 1.5 hours after which we had to take 483 steep steps to reach the temple, took approx another 1.5 hours as it was a task for my wife due to rod placed in her leg.

Shikari Devi is a roofless temple located at the height of 3359 metres (higher than Leh), 360° views of Himalayas from temple are breathtakingly beautiful. After spending approx an hour we started coming back towards Janjehli in order to check-out and leave for Jibhi.
Vinay was a wonderful host, he was ready to serve us complimentary lunch before we leave the place with beautiful memories and a promise to visit him again. Started from Janjehli towards my favorite places Chachgalu and Gadagusaini which falls on the way to Jibhi, this route is extremely scenic and not present on Gmaps. It is a no road territory that means we go at the speed of 10-15 kmph until Jibhi.

Stayed in Latoda Eco Huts owned by a friend J D Thakur, this property is beautifully located away from crowd.

Route taken: Janjehli - Shikari Devi - Janjehli - Chattri - Chachgalu - Gadagusaini - Jibhi.

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Great. I was in Jibhi couple of weeks back, came till Gada Gushaini but there were some road blocks and could not head to Chachgallu. How are the roads generally from GadaGushaini to Chachgallu and any pics of Chachgallu specifically?